Escaping Your Own Murder

Escaping Your Own Murder -
Escaping Your Own Murder –

What have you got when everything is lost?
That’s what you thought.

When everything is gone what else would you lose?
That’s your view.

When everything inside you was killed.
You think there is no shield.

When all the remnants of your addictions
never yield to all prescriptions.

That’s your conviction.

Looking somewhere
Blaming your despair

Plotting your murder
Escaping it later.

It will always be a cycle
a spiral rifle

Shooting yourself slowly
and then asking for help

Surviving the gunshot
triggered by yourself

Looking for a hero
out of nowhere

Sneaky survival
from all of your trials

You alone hold the key
Escaping your own murder.



Copyright © 2015 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.









6 thoughts on “Escaping Your Own Murder

  1. Very profound Joel. How often we plot our own ‘murder’ because of clouded judgement for whatever reason. And then we sentence ourselves to life imprisonment for the ‘crime’. As your poem so rightly says, that metaphorical key not only reduces the sentence but can give us the freedom we often richly deserve.

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