Choices By Joel F

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Choices –

The hallway of darkness
will eventually lead you
to the light
but still,
it depends
on the door you take
and the battles you fight


How confusing
when darkness sets in.


How blinding
when you see the light from a far.


How bizarre
when your heart is at war.


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  Just Follow The Light and It Will Be All Right




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Just Friends

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Just Friends –

Joining our table and wrecking havoc on our plans.  Denial of her affair with a younger man. “We’re just friends.” Raising eyebrows when you see them fighting in a dark flyover like robbers fighting for their share.

A few steps and quick glances.  Assumption of friendship going beyond.  No limits but voluntary borders and fake compromises,  one can really tell.  Oh, how love can play disguises in so many ways.

Free act like a stage drama being acted out in a play.  Stolen glances, forced kisses like a crumpled paper about to be thrown away.

So we hear but we did not listen as the sound was explicitly given.  Time to leave and pretend that we believe they were just friends.

A wink in his smile when he said he’s just a text away.  Perhaps a tinge of truth for him , but a painful lie for her. Keeping his number is an option. After all, they’re just friends.


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Confucius Says

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A Quote by Confucius –

I am Beautiful  and so are you.

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The Hidden Letters

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Reading between the lines, i no longer ask why.

The Hidden letters i can’t decipher,
until the leaves fell last october.

When you believe that it’s over
you can’t be friends nor lovers

because the trust was trashed and slashed
just let fate dictates the If’s and why’s.

Shit happens.
That’s Life.


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You will never be truly free
if you are so obsessed
in what others see.

How they see you
is none of your business.
Who you are is what really matters.

Love is giving everyone the freedom
to be who they are
and not who you want them to be.

Learn to love yourself and set yourself free.


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No Waiting No Lies

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No Waiting No Lies –

like a stone
controlled emotions
you don’t own

had overshadowed
the hope that you’ve got balls
to break that shadow

The sun still shines
as i am mourning
but soon time flies
and i’ll be learning

that life’s too short
to be imprisoned
by your kisses
and deception

No waiting
no lies
you are the master
of disguise.