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A Poetry of Whys by Joel F. – – – https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com

You know he is not an oracle,
Why are you under his spell?

You know he is not a king,
Why are you enslaved by his ring?

You know he is not a prophet,
Why do you quiver when he trumpets.

You know he is not a song,
Why do you feel the rhythm and sing along?

You know he is all lies.
But for you he is your truth.


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36 thoughts on “Why

  1. Oh, this is delicious. A ripe berry picked from a field by invisible immigrants still warm from the embittered sun. A fruit so sweet that the labor to acquire it is ignored.


            1. Oh my nothing is cliche for me, you spend your precious time dropping by, reading my post and i can’t be more thankful enough when you spend your time commenting here. I’m thankful for your time. Truly don’t worry about it. Take Care.


            2. Really, it is not precious (my time), I like what I see, and I like how you think, your ‘Wealthy shoplifter” is quite excellent. You have talent

              Liked by 1 person

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