Sleigh Bells Ring, Are You Listening

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Sleigh Bells Ring, are You Listening –

I see the christmas lights and hear the yuletide carols.  I remember hiding under the mistletoe. The yesteryears of waiting for santa, expecting a gift eventhough i’ve been naughty, not nice.

I opened the beautifully wrapped gifts.  In excitement i ignore the intricate wrappings. I barely acknowledge the efforts taken in covering the precious presents. Sometimes i forget to give thanks not just for the gifts but for its beautiful wrappings.

Oh, christmas is just around the corner.  A time to be jolly and sleigh rides.  But what happens when Santa’s reindeers are missing because their antlers are used for decorating?  And yes when the sleigh bells started ringing, are you really listening or just hearing?

Although i admit i don’t live in winter wonderland, it doesn’t mean i can’t feel the cold snow and its breeze. But the happy lights of yuletide lanterns and strangers’ smiling faces can make me say,  indeed it’s a beautiful happy sight.

One need  not wait for christmas day,  loving and sharing is not just for a day.  It’s all year through for someone with a giving and grateful heart.   But every year,  i don’t know why i am more kind,  when the christmas bells are starting to chime.


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 Santa Claus is Coming to Town.
Santa Claus is Coming to Town, the best christmas gift, joys of joel poems, christmas quotes
Santa Claus is Coming to Town –


Silver Bells, It’s Christmas Time in the City
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Silver Bells, It’s Christmas Time in The City –


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Pointless by Joel F

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Pointless –

No need to shout to prove your clout.
Respect begets respect.

No need to interject who is the best,
to slash the wrist and still insist.

Amidst the ‘holler and all the tries,
it’s always better to be polite,

than show the might of a brilliant mind,
yet cut the ties that bind your life.


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I Am Flames

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I am Flames –



When flames of love engulfed me
I am all of them.



Daily Prompt:   Flames



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5 Crazy Reasons To Go Fishing

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5 Crazy Reasons To Go Fishing – (And Why Fishing is Like Life) –

Fishing is a great time buster , a way to enjoy nature and a great stress reliever. I can actually cite a hundred reasons to do it but i respect your time so i come up with just 5 good ones:

1.  Relationship

Fishing with family and friends cultivate bonding. It strengthens your relationship when you have enjoyable shared activities with people who mattered.  Well, unless of course you start fishing into their private life behind their back, that’s a different story. Proves that you don’t really need to go outdoors to go fishing. Just go online, log in to your facebook and you can tweet who’s got the largest fish in the group.

2. Health Reasons

It’s always better to get your own fish…fresh, as wild fish are known to be low in fat and cholesterol and high in protein and there are many fishes in the ocean, especially the wild ones! 🙂

3. Fulfillment 

You get a certain fulfillment.  Who wouldn’t?  After a long bout of sitting and  doing nothing, it’s such a great joy catching a big fish.

4. Creativity

It  brings out the best in you.  You find creative ways of using  a great pawn to bait the one you’ve been longing for.

5. Knowledge

Fishing is educational.
– It teaches you a lot of lessons.
– You learned more about yourself, your strengths, hopes and wishes.
– It tests your patience and willpower  that no matter what, by hook or by crook you won’t go home empty handed.

Fishing is like life,  just when you thought you had the perfect expensive equipment to catch that elusive fish, somewhere along the way you’ll discover that it’s not how much you have or how prepared you are for that moment that gives you the exact advantage.

And at the start of that fishing expedition you won’t really settle for anything less than that “huge catch”  because you rightfully deserve something bigger , not until you realized that it’s almost dusk, you’d rather have one crappy fish than nothing at all.


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A Beautiful Lie

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A Beautiful Lie –

As i look at the flowers and the busy people visiting their departed loved ones, i can’t help not to ask why all soul’s day is not just an ordinary day

Looking far beyond sometimes a temporary life is seen with much significance than the permanence of the real life beyond, if there’s really one.

Who am i to question it as there’s a right time to know it. What a beautiful lie if this life is the only one and the painful truth will make me gasped beyond wonders when i’m at the other side.

Hoping that from this time on, i will always be grateful for every minute that was given and learn to appreciate life’s precious moments.

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The Movie in My Mind

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The Movie in My Mind –

We watch.  We act.  We celebrate.
We create.  We participate.

Our life is our greatest masterpiece.

As we watch it unfolds on our own naked eyes
We live to tell our story.

Just like our favorite movie
we share and relive it.

The best movie is our life.
And we are the stars.


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Running Waves

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Running Waves –

Just like the wave that keeps returning from the ocean to the shore, a heart will find its homecoming as the running waves reached offshore.


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Sleeping with The Enemy

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Sleeping with The Enemy – when you are your worst enemy …………

Leaving the glitter of the masquerade ball
this time not cautious if the mask will fall

as you sleep your way to fantasy kingdom
but woke up screaming for ultimate freedom

seeing yourself at the shiny mirror
hearing its voices you question in horror

why a different face welcomes you in the morning
when you know for sure you’re all alone that evening

So you open the window and look at the trees
to prove you’re awake and feel the breeze

unlocking the door and walking to the sunlight
spreading your wings like a new butterfly

but a strong wind stop you and halt your flight
you went back inside and see not a light

why a sudden darkness confuses you now
you just woke up and it’s still morning somehow

you look in the mirror and see the clock from behind
it’s almost midnight you know it’s a lie

you run to the backdoor and see if it’s true
that the sun is gone and why it’s totally blue

until you fell on the floor and see
the mask that you wear last night at the party

but who is wearing the mask you’re touching
when memory and reality are both contradicting

fate is your destiny and insanity is certainty
because you are sleeping with your own enemy.


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Pebbles in My Shoes

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Pebbles in My Shoes – – –


Then it showed me the way with flickering lights and buzzing bumble sound.  Not leaving through the main hallway but through the backdoor leading to some alleys.

My walk being halted by  pebbles in my shoes, picking up the pieces and throwing those pebbles away.  To my surprise a car slowed down, a stranger inviting me for a ride.

With gratitude i declined and noticed the damaged window shield.  How those tiny rocks so quickly cracked the stranger’s car was beyond me.

And if circumstances are seeking its revenge by slowly enticing me to ride then surely blowing its horn is not a welcome sight.

The  irony of courtesy and ambivalence courting dangers and respect.  Now, where else would i go when i took off my shoes so there won’t be  any pebbles to halt my motion?

But  pebbles still seep into my sole now that i’m barefooted.  Damn if you do, damn if you don’t.  Life is clever and i’m not.

So i continue walking in the alleys searching for the main road.  Who cares how long it would take me.  What matters this time is i know where it will take me.


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Eternal Flame

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Eternal Flame – – –

Blackhole and orange lights
inducing its spiral sights

Tricky gates of freedom
leading to so called wisdom

Circles in orange hues
blocking the truthful views

The music of its drums
the promise of your mighty kingdom

Covering all my shame
You are my eternal flame.


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Eternal Flame –

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The Green Sunshine and My Yellow Leaf

The Green Sunshine and My Yellow Leaf, joys of joel poems, a poetry about lover's changing sunshines
The Green Sunshine and My Yellow Leaf –

Have you seen a green sunshine?
I did.

When the trees covered the sky
And fallen leaves slept on my feet.

When the yellow rays of sun
slip on my quivering hands.

Have you seen a yellow leaf?
We did.

When you sweep the autumn leaves
and give my winter chills.

It changed my sunshine sky.
No need to ask me why.


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Terracotta Warriors

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Terracotta Warriors, joys of joel random photos

What would you do when you meet a bunch of Stone Hearted Guys?  Have a photo shoot with them, avoid the blinding lights by wearing your shades and fight the need to meet a warm hearted real man.


location :   Asian Civilisations Museum,  Singapore


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Leaving –

No need to ask.
No need to question.
but sometimes we still need to know
the reason.

-memories flashed after watching an old disney film Lilo and Stitch.

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The Vow

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The Vow –

Lead me not into temptation
Calories and indigestion
Don’t know How
To follow my vow
And leave my kitchen tribulations.

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