Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Santa Claus is Coming to Town, joys of joel poems, best christmas gift ever
Santa Claus is Coming to Town –

“Those who believe are always rewarded with the truth”  santa used to say.

Even at middle age, santa makes me stay. This time not for the toys or the candies on the mistletoe. But on looking forward to the things that make me smile.

The yuletide music that whispers on my ears,  the small precious tokens i received from my peers. The call from a friend just to say hello, asking what the hell i’ve been doing since that last hello.

Yes, i’m no longer a kid , although my mom always say “grow up and be responsible’.. ..I’ve learned that Santa Claus exists so better be accountable.

Through all the christmas yesteryears and those santa’s yuletide gifts. I know i never have to wait for Christmas.

My family is Santa’s Lifetime Gift.  And i received it long time ago even  before Santa Claus came to town.


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