A Beautiful Lie

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A Beautiful Lie – https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com

As i look at the flowers and the busy people visiting their departed loved ones, i can’t help not to ask why all soul’s day is not just an ordinary day

Looking far beyond sometimes a temporary life is seen with much significance than the permanence of the real life beyond, if there’s really one.

Who am i to question it as there’s a right time to know it. What a beautiful lie if this life is the only one and the painful truth will make me gasped beyond wonders when i’m at the other side.

Hoping that from this time on, i will always be grateful for every minute that was given and learn to appreciate life’s precious moments.

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36 thoughts on “A Beautiful Lie

  1. Life isn’t a lie — it’s just not as permanent as death. (And it’s not always beautiful.) It’s not life’s fault that we lie to ourselves about death. Why shouldn’t we expect death to be as painful as birth? (It’s not like we’ll remember either one.)

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  2. Lies are negative and the greatest power of negativity is death. Truth is positive and its greatest power is life. Death is the lie imposing itself on Truth but a lie can’t hide to truth forever and a negative plus a negative is zero. Someday, death will end itself and Truth and Life will remain. God bless.

    Your deep thought triggered deep thoughts of my own. I hope I don’t sound like a know-it-all because I surely, don’t.

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