Filtered Lights


Filtered Lights, joys of joel poems, quote about fear shadows, graphics with quotes
Filtered Lights –

Do you read the signs?
Do you listen to your shadow?

Or you just look at it
You thought it doesn’t speak?

It has no voice
although it follows you

when daylight comes
and shows its glows

on filtered lights
under that moonlight sky.

They think by their graphic pens
they can edit and shade your lens

Through filtered lights
they hide the shadow

Convincing you
it won’t come tomorrow

but the windows of your eyes
can still read between the lines

for your sight may be blind
but the heart is your mind.


filtered lights, joys of joel poems, graphic pens, musings and ramblings
Filtered Lights – –

Copyright © 2015 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.




7 thoughts on “Filtered Lights

    1. Thanks so much AnnMarie. I really felt so honored by your kind words, especially compliments from such a creative artist like you. You write beautiful poetry and create wonderful artworks. Thanks so much.


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