I’m All Yours Sunshine

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I’m all Yours Sunshine

It’s so hot in the Philippines now and everytime i feel the summer heat some memories keep flashing again.  Let me recall some of them:

After the alleys and the cobbled streets, we decided to walk in the park and indulge in the typical summer quebec city landscape.

The view of the sunbathers, some half naked, others fully dressed,  not  in the beach, but on a park full of greens.

Oh, what we usually ignore and take for granted in a tropical country is truly anticipated with excitement and enthusiasm in a country endowed with four beautiful seasons.

How i wish i could remember the last time i invitingly said “I’m All Yours Sunshine.”





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The Ghost Tour and My Goodlooking Ghost

I was strolling in quebec city when i noticed a busload of kids. A bystander told me the kids are in for the Ghost Tour.

A ghost tour in broad daylight? Well, why not? Minors should not be loitering in a foreign city searching for ghosts past midnight. The most they can do is listen to ghost stories in broad daylight.

So i followed the marathon, took pictures and listen for a while. I did enjoy some haunted stories. I realized that places are the same anywhere we go. Every city has its ghost stories and every place has its haunted past.

Good thing the past stop haunting me, i learned to let bygones be bygones and move on.  Otherwise, i should be the one standing on that tour narrating my real life ghost story……..the one that broke my heart, the goodlooking ghost that made me cry and gave me my worst scary moments.  Those moments when i used to think that being alone is a nightmare.

What happened to the Ghost Tour, well, i have no idea. I left amused and amazed. Don’t ask me why. Can’t you read between the lines? 🙂


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joys of joel musings, ghost story, the ghost tour, quebec citys tour
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Music in My Heart

A melody to one’s ears when you hear  music while walking on the street of Quebec city.  After a beautiful dinner, just a few feet away from Hotel Sainte Anne , across the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac,  we saw this musicman playing his saxophone. Can’t help not to have my photo taken as his music is not only pleasing to my ears but also fitting to the serenity of the place. And voila, the next day, early morning while walking on the same pathway i heard a different sound from another music guy, this time playing with his beautiful harp (a really huge harp) truly it’s not just the talent that creates music, it’s the heart.

Bienvenue Quebec City

I can give you a thousand reasons to visit quebec, particularly quebec city but  i don’t speak french, so  i might as well say it in universal language and that’s the language of visuals.

Since a picture speaks a thousand words, a random photos of this fascinating place might convince you that there’s no place like it.

Don’t worry i won’t post a thousand pictures here. I’m deeply convince that just this photo is enough to make you pack your bags,  try  the  “french”  fries and  indulge in  that very elusive french kiss! Bonjour!

Madame Gigi Confiserie

madamegigi Strolling in one of the secluded alleys in Old Quebec, we stumbled across a cafe that serves good coffee and yummy macarons. Madame Gigi, situated in Rue du Petit Champlain,  is like your typical cafe in your hometown,  a two storey  cafe with a simple, unassuming interiors,  a one man shop and a few tables , but don’t be deceived by its homely ambiance, this cafe serve  really great desserts and coffee.