Crystal Clear by Joel F

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Crystal Clear –

Serenity captured by my lens
through a beautiful lake
enclosed by a snow covered mountain.

Nature whispering
its stillness
I now understood.

Questions being answered
calming my mind of thunder
and my pondering heart.

Finally, a moment discovering the answers
it’s all crystal clear now,
no whys no hows.


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Choices By Joel F

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Choices –

The hallway of darkness
will eventually lead you
to the light
but still,
it depends
on the door you take
and the battles you fight


How confusing
when darkness sets in.


How blinding
when you see the light from a far.


How bizarre
when your heart is at war.


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Pointless by Joel F

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Pointless –

No need to shout to prove your clout.
Respect begets respect.

No need to interject who is the best,
to slash the wrist and still insist.

Amidst the ‘holler and all the tries,
it’s always better to be polite,

than show the might of a brilliant mind,
yet cut the ties that bind your life.


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Only If You Let The Pigeons Fly

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Only If You Let The Pigeons Fly –

You clip their wings
the freedom it brings
Feed them crumbs
you forced them sing

A beautiful cage
is never their home
Their melodies
are never your song

What might have been
will never be
The flight of dreams
will set you free

As it speaks to you
and tell you why
your fears
are never their sky

Every night
you hear them chime
but you insist
they never rhyme

For you believe
they should be cage
For love is hate
when you are enslaved

The smiling sky
is yours for free
Awaiting you
its joys and glee

If you let
the pigeons fly.

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Only If You Let The Pigeons Fly  (Photography and Poetry by Joel F.)


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The Homeless Pigeons –


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Don’t Follow Your Heart

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Don’t Follow Your Heart –

Don’t follow your heart
it will be broken

by the power of your master
in pieces it will shatter

your dreams of forever.

Don’t follow your heart
endings will be the start

of unending beginnings

But if weakness
is your courage

and freedom is your cage
then listen to its whisper

Embrace its chapter
of love and hate

Don’t follow your heart
And you’ll meet an ever faithful friend

Who will always be with you
Even in the dawning of the sunset

His name is Regret.


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Heart Changing –

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Are You The Lady, The Man or The Child

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Are You The Lady, The Man or The Child –

A lady is walking in the forest,
and saw a beautiful silver daisy.
This can’t be a daisy.
There’s no silver daisy.

A man is walking on the beach
and saw a shiny silver apple.
This is a shiny apple.
I wish it’s a gold apple.

A child is walking on the street
and saw a big gold elephant.
The elephant is here.
I want to ride the elephant.

Which one is me?
Sometimes i’m the lady,
most of the time i’m the man
although deep inside i wish
i will always be that kid.


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Running Waves –

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A Quote by Emily Dickinson

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A Quote by Emily Dickinson –

We only pass this way once, so might as well live life to the fullest.  Love completely,  bleed willingly. Taste all flavors of ice cream and lick them passionately.

Numerous lists , unending wishes and for whatever  reason  i always recall this beautiful quote by Emily Dickinson.


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Confucius Says

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A Quote by Confucius –

I am Beautiful  and so are you.

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Jump for Love

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If you say jump, i’d say how high?

Just like the song “Love can make you fly”, sometimes i’d ask “How deep is your love?” before i jump for love and take the risks as long as you made me feel i’ve got you beneath my wings.





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Resurrection –

keeping your faith
during the darkest hours.

Seeing the light
and keeping your hope alive.

Just hold on
because the sun will rise.

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Resurrection – A Poetry of Faith and Hope …….

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The Lion King

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Quote from The Lion King


I love watching movies, who doesn’t? This is one of the best films i’ve ever watched. Wonderful Animation, great plot and music, and beautiful lessons. I remember a few lines from this movie and surely The Lion King is the king of all animated films for me.

Of course i love cinderella, sleeping beauty and frozen but there’s something in this film that touched my heart. Although the story doesn’t even revolve around a human protaganist,  i still love it just like the way i love snow white and cinderella and other princess’ stories.

And by the way, the photo is not mine, i just found it on the net,  i just made a graphics with  the unforgettable line from the movie, that’s how much i love lion king although i’d rather be a queen.