Choices By Joel F

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Choices –

The hallway of darkness
will eventually lead you
to the light
but still,
it depends
on the door you take
and the battles you fight


How confusing
when darkness sets in.


How blinding
when you see the light from a far.


How bizarre
when your heart is at war.


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  Just Follow The Light and It Will Be All Right




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The Prayer

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a quote about prayer

“The shorter the prayer , the better it is, ” according to Martin Luther King.  As long as it comes from the heart and one strongly believes, it’s a powerful driving force in this so called life… Either you use it as a spare tire, or as  your steering wheel,  Who am i to judge you?  When you beg and kneel rest assured it is heard and whatever is the answer, it’s what’s best for you.  One day you’ll know why and That’s the magic of prayer.



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The Lamp Post

Lamp Post, , poem about faith, hope, life quotes, joys of joel poem
The Lamp Post –

Keep the faith
and make it stronger

not by just keeping it inside
or holding on to it

Truly when it is shared
that you see and feel the light

And when you see the rays
that reached beyond yourself

you’ll be awed
for it doesn’t only light your path

but also gives meaning
to the purpose of your being

We are all one
regardless where we come from

where we’ll be going
and how we’ll be leaving.

*** photo taken at the Basilica Menore del Santo Nino in Cebu City, Philippines.


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The Festival of Lights

I was in Singapore during that time , was lucky enough to witness .the Deepavali Festival of Lights. So many lights, glittering and blinking, red lanterns and colorful dsiplays. This Hindu Festival reminds me of  a chinese new year that symbolizes  new beginning amidst the lights, noise and fireworks and met a few good friends on this memorable event. How time flies.