Creativity or Web Traffic?

I would never imagine that i would be reading this thing. How time changed my reading habits. A decade ago i would spend my time browsing fashion magazines and home journals. Things that give me a get go while designing fashion jewelries and home accents. Now another road has taken me off the path and surely i’m loving every minute of it.

Learning is really an unending journey. Blogging on wordpress taught me a lot of things. Now it excites me reading the copyblogger, learning about the benefits of infographics, the meaning of SEO  and the wonders of keywords and meta tags which up to now i’m still totally clueless.

Creativity or Web Traffic?

Sometimes temptation would rub me and once in a while reprimand me to follow that keyword poilcy for that golden Seo rules in driving traffic to my site through that “faster than nascar ” search engine. But if i’m too conscious in writing for that search machine, what happens to my poetry? You just can’t follow it all the way and still end up creative.

Well, life is a compromise, you can’t always have your sweet cakes and end up not being diabetic. In the end it’s a matter of choice: whether you write just for yourself or for your readers or both.  Either way, it still helps to learn the rudiments of web traffic, search engine and brilliant content.

Still creativity sacrificed is creativity gained.  It’s like surfing the waves , having the surfboard , never turning your back on the incoming waves.  Learned to flow with it, through it and learned that no matter what, one needs the surfboard and the waves, one needs the other, to stay longer.

And what happens to creativity as an artist?  It is always there.  Keeping your readers and learning the curve is always a creative journey.

I’m not a blogging guru and i never intend to be but it doesn’t mean i can’t share you this beautiful infographic from copyblogger.
So here it is, enjoy it. 🙂


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Window Shopping At Its Peak

Window Shopping At Its Peak, joys of joel ramblings on shopping, how to save money while shopping, funny crazy shopping story
Winodw Shopping At Its Peak –

I wonder why I have few photos in any shopping malls i’ve been to.

Let me guess.  All of them almost look the same?  Nope not really.  Every shopping mall is distinctive in its own way.  Each one has its own unique ambiance and feel.

Now I know why I have such a few shopping mall photos.  It’s  because i’m not really a shopaholic or a shopping diva.  I get an orgasmic feeling (oops, pardon my words) in visiting museums or dropping by in flea markets.

I’m such a cheapskate when it comes to splurge shopping but it doesn’t mean I don’t get excited everytime i hopped in a mall.

It still offers a variety of experience:

– the excitement of letting my fingers run through a mountain of color coded items during the rummage sale and ending up not buying a single thing. 

(This is not intentional. I’m not here to give store people a hellish experience.  It happened just once,  nope, just twice,  alright, i admit several times but i do buy when i see something i like.)

– the smile in my face when i see an artful window display.

(Artful equals tasteful equals vulgar equals obscene equals tacky,  anything catchy.  Taste is subjective)

–  the hedonistic pleasure I derived from watching people as I sit on the bench pretending to be waiting for someone when in fact i’m just sitting because i don’t have a single cent to spend on that too good to be true discounted signature items splashed all over the mall.                                                              

(Did you see that va vaboom lady carrying a handful of  LV’s with her daddy?  I’m not being bitter here.  Envy is a green eyed monster,  jealousy is blue, my eyes are neither of the two)

–and that endless rebuttal with a friend proving my point that yes he is really her daddy, not the kind of thing that causes diabetes.  Until someone nearby butts in telling us to mind our own business.  Priceless!

 (Look who’s talking, unwanted eavesdropper, if only I could tell her to mind her own business too.)

There are things that money can’t buy.   Cliche as it may sound, the best things in life are still free.


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Broken by Joel F

why am i broken, broken heart quote, joys of joel poem, wizard of oz quote
Broken –

After a movie marathon of old classic films. I decided to watch Dorothy again in the classic Wizard of Oz.

Why is it that i always remember movie lines about love?   Broken heart, broken dreams and a lot of broken things.

Nope i’m not broken now , i’m whole but not complete.   And i’m okay this way.

Why?  Don’t ask me please, or you might break my heart once you start asking.

I don’t want to flag my brain with too many questions that leave me speechless.

Besides, i don’t want to open my mouth and validate that truthful line once said by the scarecrow:

           ” I don’t know,  but some people without brains do an awful lot of  talking, don’t they?”

And sometimes i’m one of them.



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Thank You For Calling By Joel F

Thank You For Calling, a poem about love, family support, joys of joel quotes , poems
Thank You For Calling –

If my heart is broken
and the screen is frozen

Will you troubleshoot it
and refresh its settings

Or should i find someone else
because upgrading is an option?

They say just ‘Fake it ’til you make it’
But i know it is never easy to pay

A leasing heart
that is not meant to stay

So I look up for a plan
when my feelings go astray

I turned around for some support
some kind of care through all those calls

From my friends and family
those times i felt alone when you left me

I say to them Thank You For Calling
felt relieved someone is listening

Although the pain is still staying
At least not everyone is leaving.


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Voicemail –


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Crumpled Ribbons By Joel F

poem about gratitude, joys of joel poems, crumpled ribbons, rhyming poem
Crumpled Ribbons –

Crumpled or wrinkled
that’s how you made me feel

When i stumble and been humbled
by the lessons of your will.

Rainbows and roses
wisdom and its thorn

Poetry and proses
i can write after the storm.

Pretty laces or crumpled ribbons
tied to a bow of hopeful reasons

Now i’m grateful and feel blissful
The gift of life in changing seasons.


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Evergreen –

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Are You The Lady, The Man or The Child

the lady the man or the child, joys of joel poems, life and reflections, quotes
Are You The Lady, The Man or The Child –

A lady is walking in the forest,
and saw a beautiful silver daisy.
This can’t be a daisy.
There’s no silver daisy.

A man is walking on the beach
and saw a shiny silver apple.
This is a shiny apple.
I wish it’s a gold apple.

A child is walking on the street
and saw a big gold elephant.
The elephant is here.
I want to ride the elephant.

Which one is me?
Sometimes i’m the lady,
most of the time i’m the man
although deep inside i wish
i will always be that kid.


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Running Waves –

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Why Am I Speechless

why am i speechless , joys of joel musings, nature photography and life quotes
Why Am I Speechless? –

The bright blue sky above the tranquil blue sea, a  small boat reminding me of  life sailing  away.  To find a better shore or just to find some peace, why am I speechless if I have a thousand words to say?

Yes, life is like a river, the stream is always moving.  Moments pass us once but memories keep returning.  Life is also like an ocean, its vastness bewilders me. The serene and calm water with its sudden splashing waves.

Amazed by the sunrise as I look at the great ocean view, reminding me that today is no longer yesterday .  Yet, why am i frightened by a beautiful sunset? Perhaps because the fading sun welcomes darkness and its hues, reminding me that daylight needs to rest and need to stray the view.

And if I jump and start to follow the promise of a beautiful shore, I might get adrift by the whims of the ocean’s lore.  But if I choose to stay and hold on for one more day,  will everything stays the same as the boat has sailed away?

*** An excerpt from my not so worn out diary.  Not my current state of mind, i just want to use a corresponding story for the photo. Oh, why am i explaining? I should be speechless right? 🙂

** photos taken in Bohol, Philippines


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Adrift, joys of joel poems, a poem about life, confusion and blind devotion
Adrift –

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A Beautiful Goodbye

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A Beautiful Goodbye – –

I always greet everyone a Happy New Year every time a new year begins.

But truthfully, when was the last time i really mean it?

I remember closing the windows after seeing the fireworks. texting my friends a new year’s greeting, although deep inside there’s really nothing new inside me. Same fears, same sadness, same goals.

What’s so happy about the new year?  What’s so new when my new year’s resolution hasn’t changed?

Well, looking back i can say there are so many things to be grateful and thankful for.  Regret is not one of them.

Every year is different.  Moving forward i can say goodbye to 2015 with a huge smile and a grateful heart. What a beautiful goodbye to a year i consider unforgettable.

Ending the year with a bang, seeing #PiaWurtzbach win that coveted #missuniverse2015 title made my 2015 even more memorable. Who would ever thought a stranger can do that?

Well, she doesn’t know me and i don’t know her personally but i can say she’s a beautiful stranger who made my Christmas memorable.  Enough of my miss universe dramatics (Yes, i’m a #missuniverse Fanatic, a Fantard as what my friends say).

So i’m bidding a beautiful goodbye to 2015 and looking forward to a more beautiful 2016.

Yes, no matter what happen, there will always be beauty around us. And i’m so looking forward to these things:

Books and Movies.
So many great ones to look forward this 2016.

Blogs, letters and what have you’s.
Can’t have enough of wordpress.

Food Trips
Dieting is my perennial new year’s resolution and i intend to keep it that way.

Binibining Pilipinas 2016 (Miss Philippines Pageant)
Now i’m really really looking forward to this.

Family, friends, co-bloggers, readers, even strangers on the street who can teach me life’s lessons.

New skills, new hobbies, new learnings.

Any place with chocolates and kisses.

Oh, by the way did i mention that 2016 is the Year of the Monkey? I’m no monkey but i love bananas. Now you know why i’m looking forward to 2016. 😉

Again, Happy New Year and may we all have a beautiful wonderful year.





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Miss Universe is Coming To Town and What I’ve Learned From It

miss universe 2015, who wins miss universe 2015, miss world 2015, joys of joel musings
Miss Universe is Coming To Town and What I’ve Learned From It – –

I don’t know why i wasn’t able to post this on my wordpress. I actually wrote this article and posted this on my facebook page 7 days before the Miss Universe finals. I guess it’s never too late to post it here.

For the first time , two global pageants will be happening a few days before Christmas, and although i am very partial to #MissUniverse Pageant as it’s my favorite show on earth. I will still be watching The #MissWorld Pageant no matter how boring i find it to be. Well, taste is subjective.

And yes Christmas is just around the corner yet i don’t get excited this yuletide season, not as much as i used to when i was a kid. But if there’s one thing that always excites me no matter what my age or my mood is, it’s the miss universe pageant. I don’t know why , all i know is i learned my first world’s geography because of miss universe.

I learned at such a young age that Venezuela is in South America. the capital city of Cyprus is Nicosia and although Brazil is the biggest country in south america, Brazillians actually speak Portugese not spanish. I also learned that there are white people in South Africa, especially after seeing a white south african woman bagged the miss universe title.

I also learned how to answer simple and complicated questions the miss universe way and i hate to admit that sometimes they’re quite helpful during your job interviews. Lol.

I learned what “live via satellite” means at age 6, and that overused phrase inner beauty. Superficial as it may seem, i will always be thankful to those moments when miss universe taught me the virtue of patience. Glued to my seat, and patiently waiting for the announcement of the semi-finalists amidst those countless tv commercials that seem eternity.

And most of all i learned that Life is not always all about winning. Enjoying your journey with or without a crown is what truly matters.

***By the time i posted this on wordpress, Miss Philippines already won the Miss Universe title in a very dramatic way. Congrats Pia.


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Silver Bells, It’s Christmas Time in The City

silver bells , a christmas story, joys of joel poem, what is the essence of christmas
Silver Bells, It’s Christmas Time in The City —

To herald the coming of the king
with chimes and carols
of joyful gatherings

To sing the song
of love and sharing
in the town of silver bells
wrapped in silver platings

Gifts in superficial dressings
of laces and ribbons
for santa’s blessings

Deck the halls
with worldly follies
oddly forgetting the essence
of christmas story

Where santa’s gift
defines the yuletide spells
in the holy town of silver bells.


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