Echoes of A Broken Glass

echoes of a broken glass,, why you need to let go and move on, a poem about letting go, joys of joel poems
Echoes of a Broken Glass –

of a broken glass
endless journey
to a splintered path

in hidden caves
with blue sunsets
and purple waves

of a forgotten face
the world will always be
a lonely place

To those
who thread
in shattered

and still
the songs
of yesterday.



** photo taken at  Panglao Island,  Bohol Philippines


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Copyright 漏 2016 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.

116 thoughts on “Echoes of A Broken Glass

  1. So beautiful, as It tells about the lonesome Road still ahead for Those living in The past… And It does With captivating rhythm, taKing us Where it belongs, to a place where one becomes aware of the loneliness the past offers when nostalgia takes you over. If memories makes one feel sorrow, then he must admit, better don’t look back. But i Love Songs of yesterday, though, because they bring Back a lot of joy for me.

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  2. Joel… so true.. so real.. hanging on just keep it alive.. and prevent us from embracing the present and the future…

    Love 鉂わ笍 that quote..
    love 鉂わ笍 the poetry you created…

    Love 鉂わ笍 the way you see and look 馃憖 at it all…

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            1. Fantastic I’v got a beautiful fan. Nope, i don’t want to call you a fan. I think i can call you a friend; a reader , a blogger, who appreciates other people’s writings.

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            2. I find it so Too.. we sang it at our high school graduation…
              ever since it has always been a favorite of mine…
              and the words have hit home 馃彙 a few times after a breakup with someone whom I have had a beautiful and wonderful connection with…

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            3. after the breakup.

              Oh, we always remember the happy songs, but we keep returning to the sad ones too. Happy songs are memorable but the sad ones are always unforgettable. I wonder why?

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            4. It did take some learning to do..
              because I do hang on a lot to things… and to memories… letting go is always so hard for me to do… so I just used a different approach.. where I can have the best of both worlds….
              thanks for listening 馃憘馃従 to my ramblings on…..

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            5. Absolutely. If only we can thank those bloggers enough for their masterpieces, be it in poetry, personal essays, paintings, photos they captured through their heart and lens, those delectable food recipes, beautiful sketches., and so many other pieces….. all of them have serve as inspiration. .

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    1. Yesterday is one of the Beatles’ beautiful songs. One memorable line “Oh I believe in yesterday.”
      Song evokes sadness.
      I understand why it’s not your favorite.

      Thanks Bea for dropping by.

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    1. Yes, what makes it sad is the fact that you can’t turn back the clock.

      The good times you can’t indulge on its sweetness, no matter how you relive the moment. It’s never the same, while the bad times you can’t change it, no wonder there’s regret.

      Just like that quote from The lion King movie; “Oh yes, the past can hurt you but you can either run from it, or learn from it.”

      Thanks Maniparna for stopping by and leaving your thought here. Appreciate it.

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    1. You’re welcome Peabea. I love your tips on photoshop regarding clipping mask and your other posts on how to enhance the photo.

      So nice to see bloggers giving us tips on certain things. We learn by reading other people’s writings.

      Thanks too for stopping by and in taking time reading this blog. Have a great weekend.


  3. Hi Joel thanks for liking my post. I was musing today why it was so hard to let go of the past? I personally wondered why I couldn’t just enjoy the several hugs I shared with my sons withough misering about the hugs I never got from my parents and may never get as is. Is that misery so loves company it’ll rather wire you to that train? Your poem is so lovely and true… I just resolved to let go of several painful memories ans keep only the good ones. E.g, it was dad who bought me several books as a kid I was simply spoilt in that domain 馃檪

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    1. Wow, thank you Marie for sharing a piece of your life. I appreciate your words and the lessons you learned from the past.

      Thank you too for stopping by.

      By the way, i like the post you wrote on your blog. You’re welcome.


  4. Your poetic words are beautiful. As I grow older I find it more and more painful to look back. Your poem says it so well. Thank you for the follow on my blog too. I look forward to visiting your site and reading your writings often.

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