Love and All Its Hidden Meanings

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Love and All Its Hidden Meanings –

Wedding bells
will soon be ringing

Prenuptial papers
you hope he will be signing

But when he said
that love knows no limit

The winds of love
is slowly changing

In dictionaries
now you are searching

and all its hidden meanings.


Daily Prompt:  Blur


Copyright © 2017 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.



30 thoughts on “Love and All Its Hidden Meanings

    1. Love can mean different things to different people, no wonder there’s prenuptial arrangement for some before the wedding. 🙂

      Thanks Kamal for your kind words. I’m glad you appreciate the composition.


    1. Thanks Nikesh for making my day beautiful. Your encouraging words made me smile. Yes, love is always a beautiful topic to write and always much more beautiful to read. Thanks Nikseh for stopping by. Have a wonderful day ahead.


    1. Thank you Bea for that beautiful line. It takes more than a dictionary for me to express my gratitude for the time you spend in reading and commenting on this post. Have a lovely day. Thank you again.

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