Pointless by Joel F

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Pointless – https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com/

No need to shout to prove your clout.
Respect begets respect.

No need to interject who is the best,
to slash the wrist and still insist.

Amidst the ‘holler and all the tries,
it’s always better to be polite,

than show the might of a brilliant mind,
yet cut the ties that bind your life.


Copyright © 2015 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.


26 thoughts on “Pointless by Joel F

    1. I agree, there will always be exception to every rule. Different situation warrants different reaction….although most of the time it’s pointless to win every argument.
      Thanks Tcriggs for stopping by and sharing your thought. Take Care and Have a lovely friday

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      1. Agreed. I guess that recent political events have jaded me to the ‘not saying anything’… it got so contentious, and the arguments so ludicrous, that I bowed out of discussions and averted talking about it… I am beginning to think that was a mistake.

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        1. I understand. Politics has a way of dividing people even families i guess. Well, there’s always a time and a chance to reach out and mend the ties. Sometimes humility is all we need. Once in a while we need to let go of our pride and not let ego govern us, but then i can’t blame other people, who am i to say what’s good or bad for them, different people have different journeys.

          Thank you so much Tcriggs for taking time to read this blog, i appreciate it. Have a great saturday and take care.

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