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The Marketplace in The Big Island, where typical hawaiian food can be savored in comfy home settings. Also known as a chinatown as so many chinese food can be seen here. Maunakea – derived from the name of the dormant volcano in this island. This colorful place is full of colors, spices and sights to remember i can say   Aloha!



The Reluctant Surfer

joys of joel poems, a poem about surfing, life, splash and waves
The Reluctant Surfer – –

The reluctant surfer i used to be
scared of the storm and the waves i see
the water looks deep and the height is steep

Avoiding it , i thought i’m a wise man
so i just stay on the beach
and build my castle on the sand

But even on the shore, the waves swept it all
can’t believe, i thought it’s safe
when i build some walls

So i look for surfboards
and try to ride
the waves that come
and learned from the tide

The fear from the fall
and the pain that it brings
when one is too slow for paddling
and wave breaking

Slowly as i passed
the eye of the tide
and survived the waves
that almost blinded my sight

I stand up all wet
and teary eyed
wiser this time
as the tide subsides

The reluctant surfer
i used to be
gone is the fear
and i’m finally free.

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Copyright © 2014 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.



Rock and Water

Rock and Water, joys of joel poems, photography and poetry by joel f
Rock and Water

On top of the ridge and looking down below,
rock and water i feel the earth on my toes.

The splash that i see,
the sound that i hear

the splendid scenery
and all its mysteries.

A moment recaptured
when i hear that splashing sound

the beatings of my heart
i know you’ll never hear.

Some say it’s just a fancy thing
that will soon pass, just like a fling

but how could it be
if it’s only you who can make my heart sing.

Be strong like a rock
and never give in.

but the water is so inviting,
can’t help not to swim.

To hear that splashing sound,
to see that water splashing

To stand like a rock
and never giving in.

Rock and water
that i see all below

i know someday will come back
when the memory overflows.


Copyright © 2014 Joys of Joel by Joel F.  All Rights Reserved.




Soliloquy at The Sunset

soliloquy, personal, thoughts, memories

I used to talk to myself, nope , not used to, i still do. I was watching a beautiful sunset in hawaii on top of the mountain, go down the ocean bay, wondering what could have been,  the past moment when the sky was blue and love shows its rainbows.

i started wandering in the ocean, yearning for something deeper than that inexplicable quest for one’s purpose. When you were young, one always thought that love conquers all.  Age makes you wiser, but still that doesn’t stop me from scolding myself , my inner self reprimanding me that time can never be wisely spent when love and passion is truly at its peak. I still talk to myself, but this time I am more kind to myself.

Life is a wonderful adventure, love comes as one of its flavors. This picture made me smile, and i no longer ask myself why.  – by JoelF


Copyright © 2014 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.



Stones and Bob Marley

Walking all the way to the flea market alone and excited,  and arriving in Aloha Stadium with no direction or plans, except to feel the crowd and the products i’m expecting to see.

What is Hawaii without pearls and seashells? Trinkets and Accessories….so many booth selling stones! (hold it, semi precious stones you would normally accentuate in your wardrobe, not the one you were thinking, hmmm).

What caught me by surprise is the air of reggae, Bob Marley’s photos scattered all over the place as if you’re in Jamaica!  Rasta and Reggae wristbands immortalizing Bob Marley.  The color of red, yellow and green even on the cups and juices. I was stoned by surprise!  Hawaii is really a land of  volcanos, rock and stones. You’ll never know what will hit you by surprise.