What is The Color of Your Sky?

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I saw a photo on my friend’s facebook page.  In a split second I asked her if I can steal it.   Well, that’s hyperbole but truthfully, this wonderful scenery stole my heart away. So i make a colorful collage out of that photo as i glanced at that beautiful scenery , an inspiration to create a wonderful poetry.

As she was driving on Vancouver highway on a beautiful Sunday morning, this scene didn’t escape her sight. She instantly grab her phone and captured the scene.

Beautiful.   How a simple photo can change someone’s day. It made her stop and made me smile. Life is beautiful . We just have to appreciate it.

Driving on life’s busy highway, obstructions sometimes give in. Preoccupied with so many things to do, so many goals to achieve and dreams to fulfill, we forgot to see the sky and just view the road within.

The changing colors of your sky depending on the season of your life. Sometimes nature brings out its natural colors but most of the time it changes depending on the bifocals of your sights..

The sky being blue when your heart is in raging red. The pastel colors that you see when someone tickles you in pink. Or is it being green when you recall that moment on that cold mountain spring?

The northern lights that never cease to amaze you, just like that love that always puzzles you.

The hues you’ll never knew unless you’ve got the courage to try something new.

So what is the color of your sky? The color that you’ll always see , as you paint it the way you feel it.


KIndly Click / Tap This To Read  The Blue Sky and Your Smoky Eyes   Thanks.


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58 thoughts on “What is The Color of Your Sky?

  1. What a wonderful post, Joel! I LOVE watching the sky–it provides endless poetry inspiration–the way it moves, the changing hues 🙂 It’s especially nice on “about to storm” days, and the whole spectrum between sunset–dusk–early evening–midnight, and moving toward dawn but not quite there yet. By the way, the M & M’s are all gone–whaaaaaaa!

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    1. Yes, the sky is always a breathtaking, , its changing colors during its calm or furious moments is always a sight to behold.

      Thanks for that thought Delyn and yes, the changing colors of the sky reminds me of M&M’s colors too. lol.

      So when M&m’s gone just look at that horizon, you might see yellow, orange, or blue M&M’s swirling, moving dancing like those clouds. 🙂

      Thanks Delyn for stopping by.


    1. Indeed, the best things in life are always free….and the worst stress in life is also free.

      Blue is my favorite color, although i love pink and purple. My current sky color is rainbow. Is that a color? Mix emotions i guess. 🙂

      Thanks Vinny for sharing your thought. Thanks too for stopping by.

      Btw, i love light blue.

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    1. Yes, i still ask permission, she doesn’t have a choice, we’re friends. 🙂 Besides, at least i did not steal her heart, just the photo. 🙂

      Thanks silver screenings for stopping by. You made me smile with your thoughts. Have a great day.

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    1. Thank you Salpa for reading The Blue Sky and Your Smoky Eyes. I appreciate it. Thanks too for sharing your thoughts about it. I agree with you. but sometimes it’s better to see the truth with your own eyes than believe the hearsays. And a blind heart sometimes refuse to face the truth creating alibis but just like the saying goes “there’s always a right time for everything and only time can tell.”

      Thank you for dropping by Salpa. You’re always welcome to drop by anytime.


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