The Spider In Ottawa

Almost finished , this catchy art installation in Ottawa city caught my attention.  Captured by my lens and my wandering eyes, can’t help not to be enticed by its tentacles of temptations.

Surely, i could create a hundred poetry and a dozen themes for a picture speaks a thousand words  but why complicate things if i can just show you the scenery just the way it is. 😉



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Man of Steel

manofsteelOne thing about the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is the Brilliant concept of its builders in creating interactive art installations outside its main building. And once you get inside one get awed on how its 3 other buildings were connected underground…vast collections of artworks beyond one’s imagination. Here is another art installation in human form made of steel, looking closely i noticed this artform -steel letters plated to resemble a human form, how ingenious and creative!

A Visual Playground

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Art captures one’s imagination. It can even make us feel young again. Childhood memories, yes sometimes it can bring  back our childhood memories.

Memories resurfaced, when i saw this stunning green and red art installation in Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

I was like a child again engaging myself in this visual playground this time minding  not to step on the little colorful blocks that resemble the cute lego blocks i used to play during my grade school years and of course that street game my childhood girl pals fondly named..”STEP NO, STEP YES” game.

A group game where you covered your eyes with your hands, jump in the chalked  line and asked your friends if you’re stepping on the lines. You asked them “step?” and wish to hear their “No” reply, One of the very few moments in your life wherein you really wish and hope to get a “No ” answer. (the sweetest “NO” i’ve ever heard! lol) Otherwise, your friends say yes and you’re out of the game! How art imitates life sometimes! –by JoelF