The Singapore Flyer and The Rides of Your Life By Joel F

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The Singapore Flyer and The Rides Of Your Life –

I was in Marina Bay Sands Skypark enjoying the cool air and  the splendid view when i noticed a huge Ferris Wheel standing tall from a distance. So i took a photo,  sat on a floor and politely ask a stranger to take my photo with the Ferris Wheel as a backdrop.

The kind stranger told me it’s not a Ferris Wheel, it’s called “The Singapore Flyer.”  Thanks for the view and the info, i decided that i won’t leave singapore without trying that  ride.

The Singapore Flyer is just a walking distance from the Skypark and for a mere 29 singapore dollars one can already experience the flyer ride. It’s a totally different experience from the skypark as this time it gives you an entirely different view of singapore’s skyline from the moving angles of your flight.

It’s like flying, slowly, vertically and seeing a different perspective on how your surrounding changes depending on how and where you look at.  It’s like a ferris wheel ride you experienced during your childhood days but this time it’s more of an awe and less of a scream.  One get awed on how a single place can look so different depending on how you are moving.

Just like life, a single moment can have a thousand perspectives depending on how you look at it and the angles of the movement where your sight is leading.  There are views that were always there but were overlooked because our vision is just relative to the direction where we are standing.  Suddenly the same place looks bigger or smaller as one moves during the ride.

The ride reminds me of a journey, as it moves from top to bottom, you feel a different high when you see the world while you’re on top and feel a willful surrender when you’re at the bottom with high hopes for changes without even knowing that it will always be the same.  The only time it will change is when one open his sights to different angles, just like that singapore flyer ride, the views are always there, it’s the ride that changes the view.


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The Singapore Flyer and The Rides of Your Life –


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The Helix Bridge

Singapore has so many architectural wonders. The Helix Bridge is one of them. Located beside Benjamin Sheares Bridge, linking Marina Bay Sands To Marina Centre, this bridge gives me my memorable awes in the early october morning.

Few days before celebrating my birthday, i saw the fabulous glowing scene of The Helix Bridge with its colorful lights from the window of the nearby hotel where i’m staying. Too bad my camera didn’t give justice to its evening photo so i hurriedly had my photo taken in the early morning.

The world’s first double helix structure is considered to be singapore’s longest pedestrian linkway. The Helix Bridge had surely link its glass canopies to my wanderlust blast.

The Festival of Lights

I was in Singapore during that time , was lucky enough to witness .the Deepavali Festival of Lights. So many lights, glittering and blinking, red lanterns and colorful dsiplays. This Hindu Festival reminds me of  a chinese new year that symbolizes  new beginning amidst the lights, noise and fireworks and met a few good friends on this memorable event. How time flies.

Ten Thousand Stamps

singaporephilatelicmuseumOne of a few proofs that a small quaint place can offer a bigger than life experience is The Singapore Philatelic Museum . Although not as big as the other museums, this museum gives you a comfy homely place. Walking outside, one can instantly notice its window (not made of glass nor wood, but made of a collage of stamps with a catchy phrase “A Window to the World” , very artful i must say!

Although  I am not a philatelist or a  stamp collector, ( Well, the last time i collected stamps was way back in high school when our  Practical Arts teacher gave us a an art project with a theme ” Philippine History”. With a limited time ,i showcase my country’s history by collectings , oops, buying stamps , pasting it on a white illustration board with a little tweak. I wonder if he still got that one, i would love to post that ancient art work(?) of mine in this site. haha.). just imagine my excitement when i get inside this colorful place and saw more than ten thousand stamps across the globe beyond time! Memories really have a way of giving us back our simple joys.

 Take a peek and let me show you some.

artsy window
artsy window


Stamp Collectors ...Rejoice ! The museum just right for philatelists or commonly known as stamp collectors where one can find more than 10,000 stamp collections across the globe beyond time ... The Philatelic Museum
Stamp Collectors …Rejoice ! The museum just right for philatelists or commonly known as stamp collectors where one can find more than 10,000 stamp collections across the globe beyond time … The Philatelic Museum
can you handle more than 10,000 stamps?
can you handle more than 10,000 stamps?
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world leaders, artists, scientists , inventors
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if you’re an animal lover, you’ll love these stamps