Sculpture By The Sea by Mabelively

So happy to find this blog, I can’t let the day pass without sharing this beautiful website by Mabelively

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The Festival of Lights

I was in Singapore during that time , was lucky enough to witness .the Deepavali Festival of Lights. So many lights, glittering and blinking, red lanterns and colorful dsiplays. This Hindu Festival reminds me of  a chinese new year that symbolizes  new beginning amidst the lights, noise and fireworks and met a few good friends on this memorable event. How time flies.

Can you Doodle?

Don’t worry if you can’t, as this city offers a lot of things to do.  edmontoncityKnown as Canada’s Festival City, Edmonton (Alberta’s Capital city) has the most number of festivals celebrated annually. Although it is such a simple place with a laid back culture, this city was also once known to hold the record of having the World’s Largest Mall  (West Edmonton Mall) decades ago. i enjoyed  their Fringe Festival, The Klondike (now the Capital Ex) and The Heritage Festival and a multitude of small festivities and events on whyte ave and churchill square.