The Helix Bridge

Singapore has so many architectural wonders. The Helix Bridge is one of them. Located beside Benjamin Sheares Bridge, linking Marina Bay Sands To Marina Centre, this bridge gives me my memorable awes in the early october morning.

Few days before celebrating my birthday, i saw the fabulous glowing scene of The Helix Bridge with its colorful lights from the window of the nearby hotel where i’m staying. Too bad my camera didn’t give justice to its evening photo so i hurriedly had my photo taken in the early morning.

The world’s first double helix structure is considered to be singapore’s longest pedestrian linkway. The Helix Bridge had surely link its glass canopies to my wanderlust blast.

Skypark Marina Bay Sands

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You can see Singapore’s skyline from the bird’s eye view by heading to the top of Marina Bay Sands Hotel. For only 20 Singapore dollars (that time), one can go on top (57th floor)  and see Singapore almost in its entirety..almost!

I decide to drop by late afternoon as i’m planning to see a variety of backdrops, how Singapore skyline would look  like during daytime, sunset, and night time. It was so rewarding being on top, chatting with strangers and taking photos. You can have some refreshments on their restaurant while enjoying your snap chat with some visitors. One can even swim in their Infinity Pool (for hotel guests and visitors who have availed their packages). A must see or shall i say a must do when you’re in this country.

The Mummy Returns

Ever heard of the famous terracotta warriors ?  Well, if you watched the hollywood movie  “The Mummy” , “The Mummy Returns”  , this exhibit is a big deal for you …. lifesize or shall i say larger than life terracotta statues were on full display … a once in a lifetime exhibit at Asian Civilisations Museum.  I was so lucky i was in Singapore when the exhibit was on full blast,  whew!  talk about coincidences. hehehe.

Although i’ve been in Singapore several times, it’s  actually on my 4th visit that i tried visiting Asian Civilisations Musuem and i enjoyed it.

Their tagline  “Discovering Asia Through Ourselves and Others”  live up to its name.… One can see ancient gold jewelries, dioramas,  statues from thailand,  india and tibet,  knife blades from malaysia  , other asian countries’ artifacts …. all things related to history and culture of asian civilizations.  goldjewelries

Authentic Antique Gold Jewelries – used by the sultans of ancient asians

I  love the part showing a japanese woman carrying her red bag…… reminds me of  carrie bradshaw with her manolo blahnik shoes, only this time it is not the shoes but the bag.  Who says they don’t have Hermes or LVs  way back?  I call this photo  “The Ancient Divas.” 

fashion divas

Although i alloted only an hour to visit this musuem because my next stop would be  Singapore’s Philatelic Musuem  (a haven for philatelists/stamp collectors) and the National Musuem of Singapore (although i visited this twice, i still want to drop by) ,  i actually ended up 3 hours on this place.  So many interesting things to see, my time management adherence was totally ruined. miniwarriors

Mini warriors or i call them “The  Boy Scouts of  the Past”.  🙂


singapore name



Ever wondered how Singapore was named?  Good thing i drop by in this musuem or else i’ll never know.

So many things to show here but cliche as it may sound , you can’t have everything in just one heaping…… 🙂    Book that flight and go anywhere you like.  Enjoy and Take Care on your journey.



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