All About Thierry

Another macaron winner , this traditional french patisserie boasts several recognitions for winning  “The Best Patisserie” award  in Vancouver last year (2013), and being featured in Trip Advisor in the same year for getting its certificate of excellence recognition. No wonder when Lovely brought me to this place , it’s really crowded, it took us several minutes to find a seat.  Oh, Thanks An An for your suggestion and Lovely for this lovely treat!

Situated in Alberni street, one of the few cafes  that serve desserts and coffee until midnight, this is a haven for all kinds of drinkers! Liquid chocolate with hazelnut blend, leaf tea such as sencha, peppermint and the like, double espresso for coffee lovers, spirits, aperitifs, beers, all kinds of wines!

And just when you thought that’s just it,  they  also offer your favorite wine to be mix with your favorite liquid chocolate or your tea spiked with st. remy or whiskey in your espresso. Truly intoxicatingly enjoyable!  They also served wide array of tarts, chocolates, macarons, candies, jams, nuts  and of course sandwiches. A must visit once you’re in the city.


ice cream with wine
ice cream with wine

thierry patisserie

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