I Am Flames

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When flames of love engulfed me
I am all of them.



Daily Prompt:   Flames



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54 thoughts on “I Am Flames

            1. Thanks for that question: love turns humans into a submissive martyr, sometimes an enemy, and sometimes even a stalker.

              Thank you broken tainted glasses for stopping by.

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            2. I don’t know all the answers, this i can only say:

              You know he is not an oracle,
              Why are you under his spell?

              You know he is not a king,
              Why are you enslaved by his ring?

              You know he is not a prophet,
              Why do you quiver when he trumpets.

              You know he is not a song,
              Why do you feel the rhythm and sing along?

              You know he is all lies.
              But for you he is your truth.

              You can read this Why.

              or this 5 Signs of a Wandering Heart.

              Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it. Take Care and Have a great weekend Broken Tainted Glasses.

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  1. We used to play a game as kids Friends , Lovers, Adore, Marry , Enemy ( FLAME)
    Our names would be divided and common alphabets would be struck off and what remained was counted to see if it turns out to be friend or enemy or lover, etc…

    This childhood game was what I remembered after a while reading your post.

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    1. Wow, what a coincidence, we also play that game during my childhood days here in the Philippines. Are you from India? Seem like the game is played worldwide. Thanks again for sharing your thought Intrudesite.

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