If Leaves Can Speak

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If Leaves Can Speak – – https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com

If leaves can speak
before they fall

Touch the ground
and turned golden brown

They might sing
a lullaby

Kiss your cheeks
then say goodbye

If leaves can dance
and sway their hips

As it bear the fruits
of your full red lips

Then they will whistle
the stars that twinkle

As the sun and moon
play in dazzle.

But if leaves can speak
the truth as it falls

They withered and leave
as they were swept by your feet

As you trample on them
and leave them beaten

For the truth you seek
is not always in rhythm

To the hopes and dreams
of your unspoken wishes.

And if leaves can speak
and you still hear not a thing

Just wait for the breeze
as it falls from the trees

Through the help of the wind
You will hear its voice

As it change its color
And teach you new beginnings.


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Copyright © 2015 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.


51 thoughts on “If Leaves Can Speak

  1. “If”? I figure leaves speak just fine to a poet. They giggle, clap, dance in the wind and told a story to your heart. And, here a true poet has translated their language into ours so we might understand their higher awareness. Thanks for the shiver, it’s cool. (No pun intended. ….Well maybe alittle pun.) 🙂

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