The Mask is Falling, A Halloween Story

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The Mask is Falling –

My friend ask me if i’ll be joining a halloween party. She says “I’ll be little red riding hood, what’s your costume?”

Scary thoughts suddenly creep. Do i really need to wear a costume? Am i not wearing this halloween mask all these years?

– Those moments i smile when deep inside i’m crying
– Those times i pretend i’m brave enough when my soul is scared

So numerous moments when i pretend to be someone i’m not. And no one notices because everyone is wearing their own masks.

And when the masquerade ball is inviting me to join and dance in its party, i welcome it unwittingly. And after leaving the masquerade ball, i’m no longer cautious if the mask will fall.

No matter how much one hold on to something, soon the mask will be falling. And sometimes when you look at the mirror, you don’t see the mask. You see what’s inside you.  But still you question in horror why a different face welcomes you every morning when you knew all along you’re alone after the party.

Still you dust if off and learn to move on.  Looking forward to the next masquerade ball.


Daily Prompt:   Transformation



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74 thoughts on “The Mask is Falling, A Halloween Story

      1. Thank you Sha’Tara for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Brenda’s line is quite an insight. Yours is remarkable too. I appreciate both of you, i mean all the readers stopping by here.


  1. How very true Joel..

    We try so hard sometimes to hide the real us.. that we becomes who we try to be..
    and when that mask 😷 slipped and revealed our true identity/self..
    everyone thinks it’s a mask..
    If only we all loved who we are. Instead of not liking ourselves because we wish we were or to be some one ☝️ else…
    then there wouldn’t be a need for this mask 😷..

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    1. Beautiful thought Nita. Sometime’s one must have two faces, and if you can’t, just wear a mask. You’ve got one face, and a mask.
      Isn’t that wonderful, you’ve got the best of two worlds. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I agree, mask is just for halloween, Those scary moments when you act brave and strong, those moments when you hide your anger and still act kind and very civil to your haters….figuratively. But some people really live double lives and it’s their call. Sometimes we can never understand other people’s journey because we are not them. For them the mask is their relief, their solace.
          Right or wrong it’s their choice.

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