The Singapore Flyer and The Rides of Your Life By Joel F

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The Singapore Flyer and The Rides Of Your Life –

I was in Marina Bay Sands Skypark enjoying the cool air and  the splendid view when i noticed a huge Ferris Wheel standing tall from a distance. So i took a photo,  sat on a floor and politely ask a stranger to take my photo with the Ferris Wheel as a backdrop.

The kind stranger told me it’s not a Ferris Wheel, it’s called “The Singapore Flyer.”  Thanks for the view and the info, i decided that i won’t leave singapore without trying that  ride.

The Singapore Flyer is just a walking distance from the Skypark and for a mere 29 singapore dollars one can already experience the flyer ride. It’s a totally different experience from the skypark as this time it gives you an entirely different view of singapore’s skyline from the moving angles of your flight.

It’s like flying, slowly, vertically and seeing a different perspective on how your surrounding changes depending on how and where you look at.  It’s like a ferris wheel ride you experienced during your childhood days but this time it’s more of an awe and less of a scream.  One get awed on how a single place can look so different depending on how you are moving.

Just like life, a single moment can have a thousand perspectives depending on how you look at it and the angles of the movement where your sight is leading.  There are views that were always there but were overlooked because our vision is just relative to the direction where we are standing.  Suddenly the same place looks bigger or smaller as one moves during the ride.

The ride reminds me of a journey, as it moves from top to bottom, you feel a different high when you see the world while you’re on top and feel a willful surrender when you’re at the bottom with high hopes for changes without even knowing that it will always be the same.  The only time it will change is when one open his sights to different angles, just like that singapore flyer ride, the views are always there, it’s the ride that changes the view.


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The Singapore Flyer and The Rides of Your Life –


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Thank You For Calling By Joel F

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Thank You For Calling –

If my heart is broken
and the screen is frozen

Will you troubleshoot it
and refresh its settings

Or should i find someone else
because upgrading is an option?

They say just ‘Fake it ’til you make it’
But i know it is never easy to pay

A leasing heart
that is not meant to stay

So I look up for a plan
when my feelings go astray

I turned around for some support
some kind of care through all those calls

From my friends and family
those times i felt alone when you left me

I say to them Thank You For Calling
felt relieved someone is listening

Although the pain is still staying
At least not everyone is leaving.


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Voicemail –


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You Can Quote Me

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A Quote by Paulo Coelho –

Looking back at my old posts, I have created poems and musings inspired by a quote from some of the famous poets and artists.

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Forbidden Forest

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Forbidden Forest –

Whispering trees
Enticing dreams

Soothing sound
Of an endless stream

A song of a nightingale
Wrapping you up

In a forbidden forest
Of fireflies and raindrops


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I See Some Waterfalls – A Poetry of Faith and Healing –

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Ants in The Cookies by Joel F

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Ants In The Cookies (Fake Friends and Toxic Relationships) –

I took out my ipad from my bag, took a cupcake bite and did a snapshot of the leftover cookies on the other table left by a stranger.

The cafe attendant perhaps amused by my action approached me and said “Sir you can take a photo of our desserts in the counter for your food blog. ”

I declined and thanked her. I don’t want to offend her feelings. It’s not their products that warrant my ipad lens but those small insects that polarize on those helpless cookies that are really getting my attention.

How in the world can ants suddenly appear in split seconds after the little girl left her cookie?

How fast and smart. They can sense an opportunity a mile away. No different from humans who in a snap of a finger will cling to you acting like a loyal patron and be gone like a total stranger when they find you useless.

They stick with you like ants because you smell so sweet and leave you a bitter taste in the mouth after they’re done with their mission. Just like those fair-weathered friends who are not really fair or should i say not really your friends.

So you look at those ants until they’re gone, inching their way back to their colony serving their queen as you finish your choco float, wipe your lips and keep your remaining cookies.

A spill over on your drinks might tempt them to go back to your table but you don’t really mind this time.

It’s not their fault if you’re careless. You can’t blame them when you left your cookie jar open.

They will always be who they are. Changing colors like a chameleon is their true nature. You can’t really blame them.

After all, ants and humans belong to the same animal kingdom.


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The Red Wine –

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Crumpled Ribbons By Joel F

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Crumpled Ribbons –

Crumpled or wrinkled
that’s how you made me feel

When i stumble and been humbled
by the lessons of your will.

Rainbows and roses
wisdom and its thorn

Poetry and proses
i can write after the storm.

Pretty laces or crumpled ribbons
tied to a bow of hopeful reasons

Now i’m grateful and feel blissful
The gift of life in changing seasons.


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Evergreen –

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Spiral, Musings of An Anonymous Bipolar by Joel F

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Spiral, Musings of An Anonymous Bipolar –

Smiling then you frown
Happy then you’re sad

Opposing genes
Penultimate extremes

Jumping in the sand
Drowning while you stand

Unpredictable mood swings
Euphoria on trivial things

Feeling like a switch
Inexplicable rapid speech

Singing ’til tomorrow
Dancing when you see the rainbow

Normal as you look
Symptoms overlooked

As the stringing of the beads
No one can easily read.

Drinking alcohol
Thoughts you can’t control

Biting all its toll
After that spiral fall

Crying out for help
Medicines will never melt

The stigmas that you see
Loud as a wailing banshee.

Indifference to the sting
Love and Understanding

Acceptance is the key
It might happen to you and me.


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Snowing Summertime –

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The Voice, The Music of The Lonely Diva

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The Voice, The Music of The Lonely Diva –

The moonlight sky
Enticing lights
The whisperings
to try the carpet ride

The promise
of the golden throne
with its shiny
diamond stone

and celebrations
The endless stardom
in fantasy kingdom

The screaming fans
The pesky press
The sound of drums
The glitzy dress

At peak
and in total heat
The blinding lights
she was deceived

She was naive
She can’t believe
A weave of lies
She cannot leave

The paradise
of fame and lies
Against the voice
of fading spotlight

The tempting voice
she always hear
The scournful song
of whisperings

The lullaby
of sleeping pills
All those sweets
and all those weeds

Embracing her
with all its speed
Convincing her
it’s all she needs.

The fading voice
she always hear
The final song
she needs to sing

A cradle song
for a lonely queen
Drowned in a tub
just like a movie scene.


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Don’t Follow Your Heart

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Don’t Follow Your Heart –

Don’t follow your heart
it will be broken

by the power of your master
in pieces it will shatter

your dreams of forever.

Don’t follow your heart
endings will be the start

of unending beginnings

But if weakness
is your courage

and freedom is your cage
then listen to its whisper

Embrace its chapter
of love and hate

Don’t follow your heart
And you’ll meet an ever faithful friend

Who will always be with you
Even in the dawning of the sunset

His name is Regret.


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Heart Changing –

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Lessons From A Faceless Mannequin by Joel F

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Lessons From A Faceless Mannequin –

Passing by a window display, staring at the faceless mannequin, a sense of wonder touches me.  Why most of the time that faceless thing wears an outfit classier than mine.

That awkward moment when it can pull off an outfit better than i can.  So i tried to fit in all the sizes, trying so hard to replicate that thing and suddenly end up buying just to boost my self esteem.

That moment when i thought that fashion is all about name and not feelings.

How can a faceless emotionless mannequin tell me what’s good for me and what’s not?

I look into it and i suddenly see myself, a clueless expression covering my real emotions.  The inner voice whispering that fashion is you, only if you truly feel it, not how others see you nor on how the trends define you.

Fashion is never wrong.  It’s like the clouds that change its shapes and the sky that changes its color. To be engulfed by it is like eating a cake and licking an ice cream.

Some days they’re so sweet, some days you don’t feel it , not because your mood dictates your taste buds but only because you think time is the culprit.

It changes as fast as that ice cream melts long before it touches your lips so you better have it.

So different from Art that time is not a chief antagonist but a friendly ally.  Fashion is an art, but art can never be fashion.  Art is timeless.

So next time i look at the faceless mannequin and see a beautiful window display, i just smile. I know i will never be Fashion. I will always be an Art.


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Shopping Freebies –

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Are You The Lady, The Man or The Child

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Are You The Lady, The Man or The Child –

A lady is walking in the forest,
and saw a beautiful silver daisy.
This can’t be a daisy.
There’s no silver daisy.

A man is walking on the beach
and saw a shiny silver apple.
This is a shiny apple.
I wish it’s a gold apple.

A child is walking on the street
and saw a big gold elephant.
The elephant is here.
I want to ride the elephant.

Which one is me?
Sometimes i’m the lady,
most of the time i’m the man
although deep inside i wish
i will always be that kid.


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Running Waves –

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Baked Goodies , A Mother’s Day Story

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Baked Goodies, A Mother’s Day Story –

A day no different from the past not so distant.  You were in you’re 30’s.  You see the window and smiled,  the flowers blooming and the kids are playing.  You went to the kitchen and started baking. The love of your life and the so many blessings.

Your friends are coming and the excitement is overflowing.  A good life, a wonderful family and great friends,  seems you’ve got everything.

A few cups of coffee and a few crunches of baked goodies, your friends shared their stories.   A different air opened some layers.  Disbelief or surprise engulfed you like a flame.  You turn off the radio playing the music when you felt the sweet melody disguise the dissonant chord inexplicable by words. What seem to be their good life resonates with yours.

Misery loves company but you knew you have no reason to complain. Everybody has their own journey.  What struck you most is all these years there’s something missing. How could that be when you’ve got four wonderful loving healthy kids,  a loving husband and a great career.

What is supposed to be  a happy gathering turns into an unhealthy matter. Why linger on fleeting feelings when  you live in an ever changing world?  They say it’s spiritual, but you said you’re religious. You never miss a church gathering, you live in a happy community.  How could you not see it?

Time flies so fast. Opening the gifts you received on your 60th birthday , you barely say a word.

You whisper to a friend, “Nothing has change”, just a few wrinkles on your face. They laughed. Suddenly the phone rings, your two daughters.

You said how much you miss them .  Tears flow when they said they miss you and your baked goodies. You’re still waiting for another call. Where is he?  All your friends are here but your family is thousand miles away.

In your heart you knew they  will never forget your birthday. “You’re the best mom in the world”, that’s what your kids were saying in that Yuletide card they sketch and  sealed with their kisses in a not so distant Christmas past.

When all your friends are gone, you  went to your room. Your attention was directed to your achievements. The plaques, the awards, all those recognitions you received from your community. They’re still with you, on your 60th birthday. What used to be treasured trophies seem meaningless. If you can only hug them.

Just like that distant baked goodie past, the feelings resurfaced. Tears suddenly  flow as  your fingers touched your husband’s photo.

On his death bed, he said you don’t have to worry in your twilight years, everything is well taken care of.  He told you,  he left you a fortune.  Now you’re wondering, you’re only in your 60’s, still way to go on your twilight years and you felt so alone.  Yes, he left you a fortune , you knew what he meant. Your Kids are your fortune. But why are you alone now?

You were awakened by a phone call. Your first child, your eldest son.  You knew in your heart he’ll never forget.

You went to the kitchen and wrap the baked goodies.  You were welcomed by the guards as you enter the prison. You see your youngest son smiling.

The sweetest words you’ll ever hear “Happy Birthday Mom, I love You.”  Tears flow from your eyes when you opened the letter. A smile in your heart when you read the words, “Dad says we are your fortune. Nope Mom, you are our fortune. You will always be my fortune. “

You gave him your hug and your baked goodies and he gave you his words.  You knew in an instant, you’re not really alone.

*** A Mother’s love is never over.  As long as someone needs you, your story is always worth sharing. A story i wrote years ago for mother’s day. Thanks to wordpress i’ve got to publish it here on this blog. Happy Mother’s Day!


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