I Don’t Hate February

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I don’t Hate February – https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com/

I don’t hate february,
it’s the only time
i buy flowers for me.

If a quote
speaks a thousand words,
then you can quote me.

And if flowers
can make one speechless,
let them speak in silence.

I’m supposed to write
something for valentines
the treasures of being together

Then i remember
you gave me artificial flowers
suddenly i changed my mind.

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  It’s Valentines, So Where Are My Flowers?




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68 thoughts on “I Don’t Hate February

    1. I agree, flowers are always wondefrful , even artificial ones serving its purpose can be beautiful in its own way.
      Thanks Smilecalm for sharing your thought. I appreciate it. Have a calm and beautiful weekend.


  1. Love it! I enjoy the simplicity of this poem, so it’s slight little twist at the end. I read this several times pouring over the flow of the lines, and each time it seemed to become even more eloquent in its statements. Good work! πŸ™‚

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