I Don’t Hate February

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I don’t hate february,
it’s the only time
i buy flowers for me.

If a quote
speaks a thousand words,
then you can quote me.

And if flowers
can make one speechless,
let them speak in silence.

I’m supposed to write
something for valentines
the treasures of being together

Then i remember
you gave me artificial flowers
suddenly i changed my mind.

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The Wheelbarrow by Joel F

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The Wheelbarrow – https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com/

Push to the limit like a wheelbarrow
Stop digging your past sorrows

Learn to roll with its wheels and lift it
Move forward and walk with it.

Live life and love every minute
Let the flowers bloom and never limit

Fill it with seeds of love and hope.
Grasp the handle and learn to cope.

Put in the soil with dirt and laughter.
Soon you will reap all its fruits thereafter

Cultivate the roots and water your flowers
The seeds of your thoughts will be its showers.



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It’s Valentines, So Where Are My Flowers

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It’s valentines
so where are my flowers

It’s almost five
been waiting for hours

I called the florist
she said it was delivered

To whose address
i never bother to discover

A phone call
from my friendly neighbour’s sister

Inviting me
for a sweet valentine dinner

Home alone
because her sister went out for dinner

In a rush
after receiving beautiful valentine flowers


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We create our music through the colors of our thoughts.

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