How Do You Know What You Know

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How Do You know What You Know? – – –

Everybody tells lies but some people enjoy it so much their life revolves around creating it.

Do you remember that high school friend badmouthing your crush because she secretly desire him? How about that office pal who pat your shoulder and stab your back? And those innocent looking trolls waiting for your epic fall?  

I just look at my facebook and see a friend who’s still in my list . I wonder why he’s still there? The good thing is looking at his photo i was able to create a poetry . Who says you can’t make good stuff out of bad traits?  Inspiration may come from both sides.

Here it goes:

Rumor Has It

How Do You Know what you know?
Through the windows of your ears
or your eyes that depend
on your one sided sight?

Is it when the crowd
has shouted out loud
that one thing that reverberated
all over the town?

When people talk
behind your back
and almost gave you
your anxiety attack

Rumor has it
that gossips are snacks
for people who act
like magazine racks.

But why would you care
if it hurts you not?
Believe it or not
You life won’t stop

The Rumor you heard about him
might be true
but then it might be fake
like that bitch who told you.


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Copyright Β© 2014 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.


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