A Fool’s Dream By Joel F

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A Fool’s Dream by Joel F – https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com/

Am i a fool
when i hug you in my dream

When i build my castle
you as my chapel?

Am i crazy
When i twist and turn

with my pillow as i yearn
for peace in my sleep?

Am i batty
i smile when i see

the rainbows in the clouds
away from the crowd?

Am i silly
when i feel so dizzy

the lights of the city
can’t make me move freely?

Am i  nutty
when i fell in deep slumber

As they snore and wonder
why you made me wiser?

As i woke up
from a fool’s dream

and see that life
doesn’t rhyme as it seem

I guess you can call me a loony
You still don’t know me really.



Copyright © 2015 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.


30 thoughts on “A Fool’s Dream By Joel F

    1. I am Sue, wrote that piece years ago and published it here in wordpress last year. I’ve always been sane ( when i’m not in love i guess) Lol.

      Seriously, thank you for stopping by Sue, have a great week.

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        1. inappropriate…to whom? Well, kids will always be kids. Mom’s always the last one to accept that kids grow up. But that’s your call. I understand a mother’s concern and love for their children. Thanks Marissa for stopping by.


            1. I totally understand. Political correctnes sound like it’s one of the ten commandments of social media. Too difficult to thread on that stormy area. It’s like damn if you, damn if you don’t stuff. Thanks Marissa for stopping by , appreciate it.


    1. Thanks Delyn sometimes. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by. Oh i did try to look for M&M’s chili nuts (as what i told Marissa) but since i can’t find the chili nuts version , i end up buying Guylian artisan belgian chocolate.

      Enjoy your M&M’s and your rest day. Thanks again.

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