Memoirs of A Sundrenched Horizon

a poem about second chances, memoirs of a sundrenched horizon, joys of joel poems, daily prompts, trust , to love again
Memoirs of a Sundrenched Horisozn –

Memoirs of a
sundrenched horizon

Pave the

For blue sky
to sprinkle its tears

On petals
that scarcely bloom

from the tomb

Of past
not so distant

in rhythm

its voice

Calling you
Singing its song

So you can

Hold his hand
and be reunited

In a symphony
of  storms and kisses.


*** Sometimes, the heart must learn to Trust again.

Daily Prompt:  Trust

Kindly Click This Link To Read  Storms and Kisses. Thanks.



Copyright © 2016 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.




85 thoughts on “Memoirs of A Sundrenched Horizon

            1. This time you made me smile. I remember some movies with kisses and dances in the rain. Beautiful moments.

              Thanks again Bob for taking time sharing your thoughts here. warmly appreciated.

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  1. I know this probably about learning to open your heart to love etc. However, I think Id look at it differently. I like to think its a call to get over depression. “The night is darkest before the dawn”. I get a similar theme from this poem.

    Good stuff. Thanks for liking my latest post.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks for that wonderful thought Vinny. That’s the beauty of poetry, it can be interpreted in so many beautiful ways and i thank you for sharing your perspective. I appreciate that. Thank you for stopping by too.

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        1. Really? No you’re not. You’re just being true to yourself, you just want to express how you feel and nothing’s wrong with that. 🙂

          Yes i like your posts too that’s why i’m one of your beautiful followers.

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    1. Yes Marie, only beautiful people can write beautiful things and since you’re beautiful too, you can write a thousand beautiful pieces like this.

      Thanks Marie for your astrophilosophy. I learned another beautiful thing today ….and that is
      Beautiful people love beautiful things.

      “Still that’s not as bad as all the other -isms is it??”

      Other -isms? Yes, not as bad as narcissism, but if i’m a narcissist, call me a beautiful narcissistic bitch, i won’t mind. 🙂

      Thanks Marie. Happy Halloween.

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      1. Joel you beautiful narcissist bitch, can we celebrate our nakedness together next birthday? You can’t say I haven’t given you enough notice to decline and say you are having a bath that night and you might catch a cold if you do. I am used to rejection – boo hoo!
        I don’t celebrate Halloween, but have a good one if you do. 🙂

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        1. Too bad you don’t celebrate halloween, My naked birthday motif is gone (2016), the next will be a scary Halloween motif. Hope you join it.

          Thanks for the halloween greeting anyway. Have a great week ahead.

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