Life is A Beautiful Ride

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Life is A Beautiful Ride –

It  only takes a few seconds to inspire people with a beautiful photo. I should know, the moment i saw my friend Kevin’s bike photo on his facebook, I instantly asked him if i can use it.

I did a little tweaking , add my quote and voila, now i have something to post.

Thanks to Kevin  it saved my day and let me reminisce my bike moments not too long ago. I’ve got lots of fond memories biking around.

Truly,  life is a beautiful ride.

*** Do you still remember your favorite bike memories?  I Do.  
Let me Share You Mine.

Kindly Click This and Read  Puppy Love and My Purple Bike.  Thanks.


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2 thoughts on “Life is A Beautiful Ride

  1. LOL!
    Why? you see this bike it so beautiful and clean!
    My own tends to be caked in mud from rides along the lake paths, part of the gear cover seems to have fallen off without my noticing and the right hand handle grip is part worn down from being propped at various places. Come to think of it maybe my life is a bit like that too, a little old and worn, frequently a bit muddied up ,but it still gives a lot of pleasure! ha!

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    1. oh Claire, The dirtier the bike, the prettier the ride. That bike looks clean after the rain had washed all the mud but in no time it’ll be muddier again come the stormy times but that’s what makes life beautiful, the bumps and muds and the flat tires too. hehe

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