Blowing The Candles , My Birthday Greetings and Wishes

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Blowing The Candles -My Birthday Greetings and Wishes –

It’s been a year since i last blow my birthday candle and how time flies. The candle of hope for a bright tomorrow lighting up my birthday wishes.

I just celebrated my birthday two days ago. Yes, i’m a year older and wiser yet i have the same birthday prayers and wishes as always.

I wish that my family will be bless all year through with good health. I wish that my parents live long enough to see their great grandchildren. I wish that my brother and my sister in law to be always in good shape so they can hug their grandchildren. I wish that my nephews and niece to be always safe and healthy so they can live a full life and achieve their dreams.  And of course i wish to live happily ever after. 😉

I don’t know why, but through the years it seems like a personal tradition to slice my birthday cake and blow the candles.

I don’t really need to blow the candle this time.  All i need is to close my eyes and feel the light, be grateful for the treasures that i have, a great loving family i am so blessed to be with.

And when my birthday celebration has died down and everyone is done with their birthday greetings. I look at the leftover of my birthday cake with the missing candle, this time wishing something else not just for myself.

I wish that the missing candle will always serve as light.  Light when the world feel a certain darkness.

I have never imagine that i would be wishing something for the world on my birthday. My birthday wishes are always for myself and my family. But this time as i look at the world around me, my country and what’s happening beyond it, i wish for that two words that seem memorable only to beauty pageant patties…… world peace.

Yes, i wish for world peace. And i truly mean it.

Not only the kind of peace without gunfires and battles. But also the inner peace that comes within everyone. To be more kind and be more accepting of other people’s shortcomings and mistakes.

To win the battle against racism and bigotry. To be more open minded towards other people’s differences and culture. To be more understanding of other people’s religious beliefs. To be the candle that lights a dark path and show that even when the candle’s light was blown off, the splintered remaining wax will serve as a reminder that nothing in life was ever lost or wasted if it serves its purpose.

I know blowing the birthday candles doesn’t mean all dreams will be fulfilled, all wishes will come true.

Life isn’t a fairy tale.  There’s more to life than my birthday wishes.  And yes, sometimes wishes still ensnare me.


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167 thoughts on “Blowing The Candles , My Birthday Greetings and Wishes

        1. Oh belated happy birthday to you too Jade.
          Yes, we’re both Beautiful Librans, our first name both start with letter J.
          I had a simple birthday celebration with the family and yes it’s wonderful.
          Thanks again Jane. Enjoy your weekend too.

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  1. Each and every day we “wake up” is a birthday … happy birthday 365 times for now … I hope to congratulate you … next year. Live long and prosper _/\_

    Liked by 1 person

            1. Believe me … Im not looking for a mate … my friend, it was just “small talk”? … You are in the US or? I am in Deutschland. ( & served 4 and 1/2 years for the service people! )

              Liked by 1 person

            2. I believe you and it never entered my mind that you’re looking for a mate. You’re just being friendly.

              I’m not in the US.
              Thank you for leting me know you’re in Germany now. Danke.
              Have a great week ahead Luigi.

              Liked by 1 person

            3. Great Country … very beautiful … and strong “believers! I have a couple of friends but have never been able to visit this wonderful land. Maybe one day my Son … Whoes in Australia right now. One day … 🙂

              Liked by 1 person

            4. You’re always welcome to visit. We will be staging the Miss Universe beauty pageant in January 2017. It’s a global pageant with more than 80 countries participating including Germany, Italy and Great Britain. You can drop by if you want.

              Liked by 1 person

            5. Oh i see, sometimes words get in the way… can be interpreted in so many ways , that’s the huge difference between reading and talking in person.. you know… if i ask why and you see my expression smiling you won’t think that way.

              I understand if you feel that way. Feelings can be deceiving/tricky, i don’t know what’s the apt word since english is not my first language.

              Liked by 1 person

            6. Your younger than me … but when it comes to wisdom…? Your there right up beside me … at least in this case, I studied “also” Psycology,. Law, Geometry, Physics … +++ ( I want not to … ” brag?” ) Mechanical enginiring, Foundry Craftsman, Unisex hairdressing, Pattern maker, Woodworker, and Antick furniture Restorer… what I do now ? Well id have to kill you if I told you that! 😉 My “Mother was Italian, died at the age of 33 …I was 18 months young, so my “mother tounge is therefore Italian, I was born in England … and I have been in Germany since 1987? An old saying in England goes … “pick the bones out of that” know what I mean? Absolutly fullfilling talking to you in words. _/\_

              Liked by 1 person

            7. Your welcome my “blogger friend” … everyone you comunicate with becomes whether you want or not … “part of your life.” I may not be always available … but if you don’t forget me … then I won’t forget you! Yin & Yang … and the Karma cafe!

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