Where is My Daddy

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A long talk after our barbie games, my childhood friend burst into tears.  Her first broken heart at the tender age of 10.  Her parents separated.  At such a young age i’m totally clueless why some things are not meant to stay.

Twenty four years later, history repeats itself.  She just separated from her husband after eleven years of being together , they finally call it quits.

“Heaven and hell i tried to make it work, i don’t want my kids to feel the pain,” was her words.  I’m speechless, i don’t know what to say.  I can’t say i feel what she’s feeling,  i was never a part of a broken family.  I can only hold her hand, understand and pray.

Beyond words, memories wander.

This poem i created and wherever you are this is for you Jackie.

Here it goes:

Someday I’ll Make The Onions Cry

To cook a dish that you really like
She needs a knife to cut and slice
To heat the pan and slice the bread
With that peanut butter sandwich spread.

To make the juice that you want to drink
She needs some fruits in just a blink
To add a flavor to that tasteless cup
Dice some sugar and jazz it up.

To clean the linen for your bed
She needs to drop some scents instead
To wash away the dirt and stains
You left some nights when you astray.

To clean the shirt you’ll wear today
She needs the heat and withstand the strain
Ironing up despite the heat
She undergoes while you do the cheat.

As she opens the cookie jar
To pacify your curious child
Who asked her what’s that falling star
from her eyes when you leave that night.

She told him that tears are drops
When onions are slowly cut and chopped
To which he says that surprised her right
“Someday i’ll make the onions cry.”

Someday I'll Make The Onions Cry - a poem about divorce, separation by joel f., a childs broken dreams
Someday I’ll Make The Onions Cry – joysofjoel.wordpress.com


Copyright © 2015 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.



19 thoughts on “Where is My Daddy

  1. Lovely post. The poem is great. Marriage has never been easy. We need to work hard to make it succeed. We also need the tools. Once you have the tools and use them, success is guaranteed. Without this, you cannot be sure. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

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