Running Waves

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Running Waves –

Just like the wave that keeps returning from the ocean to the shore, a heart will find its homecoming as the running waves reached offshore.


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A Dressing Moon by The Human Mare

A Dressing Moon by The Human Mare,  Poetry by Mare Martell
A Dressing Moon – Poetry by Mare Martell


Every line mesmerize me, can’t help not to share this: 

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I will put on my vestments to ride the night sky

I’ll reflect the sun into the darkness seeking sight

I’ll guide those who are lost, unwilling to be free

They’ll all know I am watching as I rise above the trees

I will monthly allow clandestine shadows cloak to hide

While I sneak my chosen path over indigo darkened skies

But as I wind around the earth chasing my lover’s pursuit

Believe me when I say, with my arrows I hunt and shoot

For as my time grows ever more; closer to my lover

I will remove each willowing wisp, reject my naked covers

When I am full, there’s no denying the glory that I shine

For those who know me best are dancing naked intertwined

Beneath my swollen belly and my womb of maturation

I gave birth to more than you, I’m the keeper of tides and nations.

So shall I depart from my gentle inamorato’s embrace

Until a cycle once more rounds, I’ll redress my bounty’s face.

I circle fates with my hips unbound

Singing songs of my sisters

Spirals never ending round

Upon Goddess brows a-glitter

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why, a poetry of whys by joel f, joys of joel poems, why lies became truth
A Poetry of Whys by Joel F. – – –

You know he is not an oracle,
Why are you under his spell?

You know he is not a king,
Why are you enslaved by his ring?

You know he is not a prophet,
Why do you quiver when he trumpets.

You know he is not a song,
Why do you feel the rhythm and sing along?

You know he is all lies.
But for you he is your truth.


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What is Love by Saneh Pandey

what is love by saneh pandey, poetry about love, poem by saneh pandey
A Beautiful Poem by Saneh Pandey


What is Love?

Posted on March 4, 2015

Love is bound destiny,
love is soul’s claim,
love is going distance,
and never to blame.

love is my body,
and life inside it,
love is my eyes,
and dreams behind it.

love is within me,
love is just me.


My favourite quote on love: ‘I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear’ – Martin Luther King, Jr.

I was nominated by Prakash Hegade to write about Love in 10 sentences, each sentence having four words along with my favourite quote on Love. So, here it is. I hope I have justified the challenge.

Instead of nominating individuals, I would like to invite everyone who is willing to take part. I would love to read what you think of Love.


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Not Just on Sundays

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Not just on sundays –


They saw you creep in like a beggar in the city
Although you’re not asking for coins nor begging for pity.
The unkempt clothes that ruin their image
A big no to their sundays that seem like sacrilege.

Roaming the wilderness looking for kindness
A drop of holy water to enlighten their blindness
The scented candles and all those fragrant flowers
Purity of one’s heart you wish they’ll discover.

A preachy sermon to help thy own neighbour
Dropping coins to serve their master’s favor
Turning away seeing you as a leper
Dirty torn clothes judging you as a pauper.

You light a candle and utter your prayer
Sharing your bread to a needy stranger
Not your leftover or your excess clover
And you do it any day not just on sundays.

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Spider in The Mist


Spider In The Mist, joys of joel poems about deceit and treachery
Spider In The Mist –

The lure of the spider to breed your destiny
Sweet words that sound so heavenly
Masked treachery filled with poetry
In a book of clandestine jealousy

Sticky web hiding entrapments
Kindness faked baiting enhancements
Meek faces like a wolf in sheep’s clothing
Beware pink laces scissors will start cutting

The voice of an angel soon you’ll be hearing
When tears start to fall then the mask will be falling
As it traps you and soon will be gloating
Its hideous success when you started crawling.

Moving tentacles of temptation and tryst
Concealing the truth in disguise as a myth
Entangled by the web of lies and deceit
Too late to resist the spider in the mist.




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Someday I’ll Make The Onions Cry

poetry about a child's promise, poem, someday i will make the onions cry
Someday I’ll Make The Onions Cry –


To cook a dish that you really like
She needs a knife to cut and slice
To heat the pan and slice the bread
With that peanut butter sandwich spread.

To make the juice that you want to drink
She needs some fruits in just a blink
To add a flavor to that tasteless cup
Dice some sugar and jazz it up.

To clean the linen for your bed
She needs to drop some scents instead
To wash away the dirt and stains
You left some nights when you astray.

To clean the shirt you’ll wear today
She needs the heat and withstand the strain
Ironing up despite the heat
She undergoes while you do the cheat.

As she opens the cookie jar
To pacify your curious child
Who asked her what’s that falling star
from her eyes when you leave that night.

She told him that tears are drops
When onions are slowly cut and chopped
To which he says that surprised her right
“Someday i’ll make the onions cry.”


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The Other People

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Take Time For Yourself, You deserve it.

Hurrying as the sun sets
Hovering one’s senses
Pausing to open the window
To buy flower from a stranger.

Surprise to discover
We’ve got time for other people
To notice what they offer
Things we don’t remember.

Walking fast on the street
No looking back on quick feet
Until someone asks directions
Other people halt our motion.

No time to taste the cake
We are too busy doing the bake
Until we hear that intruding phone call
We’ve got ample time for other people.

Forgetting to see the rainbows
No time to pause and look for halos
Until the twilight say hello
If only we are the other people.



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My Solo Flight

my solo flight, poetry, poems
a poem by Eugene Gutierrez

Moment of Solitude
As i’m sailing by
Dark gloom and serenity
Envelopes the sky.

The Stranger’s chatter
While i’m on my own
Seething thoughts of reflections
And being alone.

At times i get lonely
And emptiness creeps within
Befriending new faces
To let the sunshine in.

It is amazing to know
Each one has got to tell
And find them understand
Exactly what i feel.

Alone but not lonely
This is what it entails
Sometimes we rule the world
Sometimes we badly fail.

– poem created by my friend Eugene Gutierrez (Thanks Eugene for allowing me to publish your poem.)



Untold Wishes

untold wishes, lines from a song, quotes and songhits
a line from his song

I know action speaks louder than voice but sometimes you need to say out loud what you really want because mind reading is not a gift everyone has.  Just like that unopened letter, you’ll never know what’s in it until you open it.


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