The Servant King By Joel F

poem about blind devotion, addiction, joys of joel poems, servant king
The Servant king –

To which you can’t imply
As moments pass you by
A guide to walk you right
Stillness of the night.

For which you cannot speak
Words you simply keep
A ship of time that fleets
Voyage to a slippery creek.

By which you don’t foresee
Or simply refuse to see
The hands of a minute clock
Where birds don’t simply flock.

In which you surely missed
The stroke of a genie’s luck
Because you simply kiss
The wrath of a stonecast rock.

Through which you now have seen
The crimson of forest green
And steal the lovely scene
For your wicked lonely queen.


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The wealthy shoplifter, joys of joel poems, rhyming poem about love, regrets and amibtion
The Wealthy Shoplifter –

Copyright © 2015 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.



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