Age Defying


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Age Defying – Musing About Ageless Loving –

In love does age really matter? Well, tell that to my cougar friend and she’ll give you a hearty laugh. Or to my next door neighbor whose sugar daddy will give you a dirty spanking.

More powerful than the magic of a scalpel, more potent than the multivitamins my mom forced me to take so i can be young, healthy and wise. This inexplicable wonder can really do wonders. This potent force is so powerful it can move mountains better than viagra.

But why is it that people look down on cougars and less tolerant than D.O.M? Such a double standard. Although, terms have changed,  D.O.M. used to mean dirty old men, now it’s dashing old millionaires and sugar mommies are now called cougars.  So men are humans and women are animals?

Perhaps it’s because women as they age look ageless.  You can never tell an old cougar from a young cougar can you? But you can definitely tell a young human from an old human.

Never mind, i don’t want to flag my mind with all these things.  Who cares about age when one is madly in love.  You don’t need a surgeon, a cream or a lotion.  All you need is love because it always makes you young.

And it’s only when love is gone that you finally need a surgeon.  That’s if you still can afford it after that heartbreaking separation.  Don’t worry you can still have that cream or lotion.

Put that in your face to take away those wrinkles unless of course you’re used to using them for something else.  And you discovered its other functions at the height of your ageless loving and you can really say love is age defying.


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