A Fool’s Dream By Joel F

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A Fool’s Dream by Joel F – https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com/

Am i a fool
when i hug you in my dream

When i build my castle
you as my chapel?

Am i crazy
When i twist and turn

with my pillow as i yearn
for peace in my sleep?

Am i batty
i smile when i see

the rainbows in the clouds
away from the crowd?

Am i silly
when i feel so dizzy

the lights of the city
can’t make me move freely?

Am i  nutty
when i fell in deep slumber

As they snore and wonder
why you made me wiser?

As i woke up
from a fool’s dream

and see that life
doesn’t rhyme as it seem

I guess you can call me a loony
You still don’t know me really.



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A Quote by Paulo Coelho

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A Quote by Paulo Coelho – https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com/

Raising a child
spending time with your family

hiking alone
traveling with loved ones

learning to paint
trying the joys of baking

writing a book
swimming naked in a beach

or just simply licking an ice cream
on top of a tequila

a wish list or a bucket list
just do it while the spark exists.

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My Multicolored World

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You might be my favorite color but the world is so huge i can’t just lean on you.  We can’t shade the world in just one color just as i can’t dictate the colors of your world.


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Random Thoughts on Love and Life

Love and Life, Poems about Love

 Welcoming waves as I see from a far. Amazed by the maze  that ponders a  willing heart.

Random thoughts that suddenly seep. Who would have expected it would swept me off my feet!

How could you say it is not to bloom, if i see nothing but gardens of roses inside my room.

A dream is not a dream until you wake up from it, then suddenly you found yourself gasping for breath.

 The tide at its height and the fire in his eyes seem like signs for that unexpected mire.

Although the sun is so bright, yet the clouds are in its forms, as if it’s about to welcome a storm.

But how could you see an impending rain , if the sun is so bright it blinded your eyes.

The clock suddenly move, voicing out its call, saying it’s time to heed its alarms.

You can go back to sleep and be lulled by its troll , or wake up and dive in and be ready for a fall.

By Joel F.

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