Thomas Haas IT!

thomashaas I remember An An and Steve bringing me to this Patisserie in Harbourside Drive, North Vancouver. Its name is “Thomas Haas”  Patisserie.

So many people lining up at such an early hour,  there’s something great in this shop that people don’t mind waiting.

One can see wide selections of desserts and chocolates. Chocolates paired with fresh fruit like that ooh lala silky dark chocolate layered with passion fruit and tahitian vanilla, chocolates infused with exotic spices, herbs and teas and the unforgettable almond meringues (macarons) in assorted flavors (chocolate, mango coconut, pistachio, cassis etc.)I remember Sharl and Rob buying several boxes of these meringues and i finished almost half of it in just one heaping, That’s how good it is, and how great my friends are!

So many choices, you’ll go gaga! No wonder, people are lining up. It’s like watching the premiere of a Hollywood movie. I can really say “Thomas Haas”  it!  😉   – by JoelF



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