Tell Me Why

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Tell Me Why – –

I was walking in downtown Vancouver when I took this photo.

Sometimes, an ordinary thing can flashback a memory, is it the stop light or just you on my mind?

Should i stop and leave
when the stop light is on

When all the red flags
are speaking so strong

Should i walk through
when the green light blinks

When all i see
is a stream of hope blinking

But just like a blind man
walking across the street

that tempting soothing sound
enticed me to walk across your town

the chirping lovely rhyme
telling me it’s time

giving me the warning
that i should decide

Tell me why
you stop, look and listen
when you walk in the street
but why can’t you do it
when you walk into me?

and since you can’t answer
this question after all

the stop light gives its signal
time to walk alone.


Walking in the street and Walking into my life should have no difference at all.  Sometimes that leaves me speechless.


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