Color Blind

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Color Blind – joys of joel poetry and photography in living colors – –

It will always be back
to hide its secrets in black

Or cover it with white
during the absence of the light.

Black or white and even grays
that’s what it wants to say

Hope that you won’t ride
and sit on that midnight train.

But you can’t keep it waiting
soon it will be showing

True colors that will spark
no matter where it’s hiding

And if you fail to see
the colors of its glee

Your heart will tell you why
because you’re color blind.

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Color Blind –
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Color Blind –

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Horseshoe Bay

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Inter island hopping and all in betweens, i was treated with a splendid sight before getting inside the BC ferry. The Beautiful Horseshoe Bay will never run out of colorful sceneries, activities and ample  BC Adventures

After a beautiful day you can sail away in Horseshoe Bay and enjoy the nearby Vancouver Island and its wonders.


Vancouver Lookout

vancouverlookout2When in Calgary go to Calgary tower, when in Vancouver, try the Vancouver Lookout. Thanks to my friend, Steph, i was able to view Vancouver Skyline from the viewing deck of the lookout. Located at  W.Hastings street, just a walking distance from the Waterfront Station and  Gastown one can see  the outstanding view of the Vancouver city from all angles once you reach the top…the view is amazing from the downtown part to the great oceanview and just in case you go hungry, you can also try their revolving restaurant,  and indulge in dining  with a bird’s eye view!