The Wheelbarrow

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The Wheelbarrow – – –


Push to the limit like a wheelbarrow
Stop digging your past sorrows

Learn to roll with its wheel and lift it
Move  forward and walk with it.

Live life and love every minute
Let the flowers bloom and never limit

Fill it with seeds of love and hope.
Grasp the handle and learn to cope.

Put in the soil with dirt and laughter.
Soon you will reap all its fruits thereafter

Cultivate the roots and water your flowers
The seeds of your thoughts will be its showers.


Kindly Click This and Read  The Garden that You Keep.  Thanks.


Copyright © 2015 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.




6 thoughts on “The Wheelbarrow

  1. I like how you chose a wheelbarrow which nearly everyone needs at one point only to discover they don’t know how to drive one. I am one of those people who learned through a lot of trial and error how to drive a wheelbarrow.

    Question: Is that a tiny house or a garden shed in the picture?

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      1. After seeing you like a lot of my work, I read yours. Sometimes when that happens, I find an infrequent poster who happened to binge on my words like potato chips after a breakup. Then I find people like you who post regularly, are engaging, and write in a style that speaks to me…I dig on that and follow. I’m currently very interested in tinyhouses particularly Tumbleweed Tiny Houses (the B-53 is my fave). That’s why I asked. The picture and the poem made me think.

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        1. Well i like your work because i like it, i don’t want to sound patronizing but your work really caught my attention and it touched me in some ways. That’s why i don’t really have a favorite blogger ‘coz all the blogs i follow teach me a lesson and inspire me in any little way it can. And everyone is different, everybody has a story to tell. By the way i learned something from you, The tumbleweed tiny houses are really cute. Thanks for sharing.

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