The Wheelbarrow

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The Wheelbarrow – – –


Push to the limit like a wheelbarrow
Stop digging your past sorrows

Learn to roll with its wheel and lift it
Move  forward and walk with it.

Live life and love every minute
Let the flowers bloom and never limit

Fill it with seeds of love and hope.
Grasp the handle and learn to cope.

Put in the soil with dirt and laughter.
Soon you will reap all its fruits thereafter

Cultivate the roots and water your flowers
The seeds of your thoughts will be its showers.


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The Changing Colors of Your Sky

The Changing Colors of Your Sky, joys of joel musings, whats the color of your sky
The Changing Colors of Your Sky by Joel F. –

I saw this photo on my friend Steph’s  facebook page …in  a split second I asked her if I  can steal it.  Well, that’s hyperbole but truthfully, this wonderful scenery  stole my heart away. So i make a colorful collage  out of  that photo as i glanced at that  beautiful scenery , an inspiration to create a wonderful poetry.

As she was driving on Vancouver highway on a beautiful Sunday morning, this scene didn’t escape her sight.  Well, she instantly grab her phone and captured  this scene.

Beautiful.  How a simple photo can change someone’s day.  It made her stop and made me smile.  Life is beautiful . We just have to appreciate it.

Driving on life’s busy highway,  obstructions sometimes give in.  Preoccupied with so many things to do, so many goals to achieve and dreams to fulfill,  we forgot to see the sky and just view the road within.

The changing colors of your sky depending on the season of your life.  Sometimes nature brings out its natural colors but most of the time it changes depending on the bifocals of your sights..

The sky being blue when your heart is in raging red.  The pastel colors that you see when someone tickles you with pink.  Or is it being green  when you remember that incident on that cold mountain spring?

The northern lights that never cease to amaze you,  just like that love that always puzzles you.

The hues you’ll never knew unless you’ve got the courage to try something new.

So what is the color of your sky?  Your favorite color that you’ll always see , as you paint it the way you see it.


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The Shadow keepers

The Shadow Keepers, poem about mind control and power of thoughts, joys of joel poem
The Shadow Keepers –

It is only when there’s a sun
that my shadow is all around
Should i be glad when i see one
in the midst of the glaring sun?

“keep your face to the sun
and you will never see the shadows,”
An old saying worth remembering
but sometimes it’s confusing.

For why is it when it’s dark
the shadow seem to stay
and even when there’s some light,
it doesn’t go away.

Until i see the moonlight
behind the starless night
and see a smiling sun
beneath the cloudy sky

Then I realized
that shadows only stay
if we allow its might
to block our rays of light
The hope that goes astray
The fear that lies today
The thoughts i keep a day
will really make it stay.

Don’t fall for that mistake
to blame it all somewhere
The truth is just within
that lies within our brain

It is only then that i decipher
that my thoughts are the shadow keepers.


Copyright © 2014 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.