The Maze Race

the maze race, pumpkin,corn maze,  pumpkin race, memories

I never thought that an old photo of a pre halloween fun day with my high schoolmates in tracy california would make me smile and wonder.

The excitement of being a child again playing the maze race.

The confusion where to go and who to follow. The whisperings that i seldom hear when i’m too busy searching for the signs.

The distractions when i sometime stop , staring at that huge orange pumpkin and wondering why it’s only hugely appreciated during halloweens.

I do get lost sometimes, not because i don’t read the signs. Not because i don’t listen and see.

Yes, i do get lost when my eyes are widely open, when the road is too clear and the sky is too bright because when you think that everything is all right, you seldom find a way.

And most of the time it is only when the doors are all closed that i noticed the windows.


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