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Aloha –


“Hawaii is paradise. It sounds cheesy to say it, but there’s music in the air there.”. –Bruno Mars.

Yes, there’s music, a melody  that springs from your heart and a rhythm that  springs from your hope.  Hawaii is such a beautiful place, some say it’s a paradise, others say it is heaven.

No matter how you call it, one thing is sure, you can’t get enough of it especially when you’re about to leave. It’s a mini California: countless beaches . only bigger waves for surfers. endless branded boutiqes  and countless hollywood celebrities.

Should I say a  a mini vegas too?  So many hotels,  exotic and world class shows.   A mini jamaica because reggae is everywhere. So many Japanese, Asians, Europeans;   domestic and international tourists.

History, Culture, Shopping, Nature, for such a small state, there’s so much things to do and so many places to see. You walk , bike, drive, swim, surf or dive, Or just simply do nothing, lay on the beach and watch the sunset and the changing colors of the sky.

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Aloha –
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Hawaiian Funeral –
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Hawaiian Wedding –

I’d love to post all my pictures here,  Hawaii is such a paradise i believe it needs a whole website for it.

I remember walking by the beach  and  witnessing a beach wedding and a funeral simultaneously happening, reminding me of life  itself  where falling in love is like experiencing the joys of wedding and break ups giving you the feel of  attending your own funeral.  Life is a bitch really. Ooops, I mean Beach.  🙂

” No matter how many beautiful pictures you see, it doesn’t come close to being there in person. You don’t see Hawaii, you experience it. ” – T. Owens

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