Not Just on Sundays

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Not just on sundays –


They saw you creep in like a beggar in the city
Although you’re not asking for coins nor begging for pity.
The unkempt clothes that ruin their image
A big no to their sundays that seem like sacrilege.

Roaming the wilderness looking for kindness
A drop of holy water to enlighten their blindness
The scented candles and all those fragrant flowers
Purity of one’s heart you wish they’ll discover.

A preachy sermon to help thy own neighbour
Dropping coins to serve their master’s favor
Turning away seeing you as a leper
Dirty torn clothes judging you as a pauper.

You light a candle and utter your prayer
Sharing your bread to a needy stranger
Not your leftover or your excess clover
And you do it any day not just on sundays.

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A Pointless Brilliant Mind if a Heart is not Polite

No need to shout to prove your clout.
Respect begets respect.  

No need to interject who is the best,
to slash the wrist and still insist.

Amidst the ‘holler and all the tries,
it’s always better to be polite,

than show the might of a brilliant mind,
yet cut the ties that bind your life.


Copyright © 2015 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.





Warmth in an Igloo

igloo photo joys of joel

An igloo photo that will always reminds me that A smile, a warm hello and just a call from a friend will light up one’s day in the midst of a cold freezing day.

Stuck with nowhere to go , blizzards of coldness engulfing you in standing frozen frame, one should always be reminded that there is warmth even in an igloo. The warmth that you feel inside when you let the sun shines through your igloo even when you think there is no window.