Spider in The Mist


Spider In The Mist, joys of joel poems about deceit and treachery
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The lure of the spider to breed your destiny
Sweet words that sound so heavenly
Masked treachery filled with poetry
In a book of clandestine jealousy

Sticky web hiding entrapments
Kindness faked baiting enhancements
Meek faces like a wolf in sheep’s clothing
Beware pink laces scissors will start cutting

The voice of an angel soon you’ll be hearing
When tears start to fall then the mask will be falling
As it traps you and soon will be gloating
Its hideous success when you started crawling.

Moving tentacles of temptation and tryst
Concealing the truth in disguise as a myth
Entangled by the web of lies and deceit
Too late to resist the spider in the mist.




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Someday I’ll Make The Onions Cry

poetry about a child's promise, poem, someday i will make the onions cry
Someday I’ll Make The Onions Cry – joysofjoel.wordpress.com


To cook a dish that you really like
She needs a knife to cut and slice
To heat the pan and slice the bread
With that peanut butter sandwich spread.

To make the juice that you want to drink
She needs some fruits in just a blink
To add a flavor to that tasteless cup
Dice some sugar and jazz it up.

To clean the linen for your bed
She needs to drop some scents instead
To wash away the dirt and stains
You left some nights when you astray.

To clean the shirt you’ll wear today
She needs the heat and withstand the strain
Ironing up despite the heat
She undergoes while you do the cheat.

As she opens the cookie jar
To pacify your curious child
Who asked her what’s that falling star
from her eyes when you leave that night.

She told him that tears are drops
When onions are slowly cut and chopped
To which he says that surprised her right
“Someday i’ll make the onions cry.”


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Red roses are so inviting
The fiery color you can’t resist.

Thorns that might be hurting
The wound that bleeds as it persists.

Petals in yellow, pink or orange
Silent voices that sound so foreign.

Blindly believing that red roses
Are the only roses that exist.


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Puppy Love and My Purple Bike

Puppy Love and My Purple Bike, childhood, joys of joel poem, biking, moments, how to bike and not to fall
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The dancing leaves
The sound of wheels
The ringing bells
And the soft wind breeze.

The stars at night
That sparkle and shine
While i ride my bike
To see you that night.

The bridge that i crossed
As the river flows
Into your arms
I’m suddenly tossed.

The smile in my face
When i see the door
A few steps to take
And i’ll be on your floor.

The lights went out
When i heard a voice
Longing to shout
That it made a choice.

The stars start to hide
As the wind replied
The kiss that i see
And it’s not for me.

I turn and walk away
With no words to say
Your eyes can’t lie
They’re saying goodbye.

As i ride my bike
With nowhere to go
I close my eyes
Tears start to flow.

As i crossed the bridge
On a starless sky
Lightning strikes
On a rainy moonlight.

Now i’m riding my bike
And pass the same road
It looks different this time
As i paused and slowed

A smile on my face
As i crossed the bridge
Remembering the rain
That i thought won’t go away.

Embraced by the sun
Kissed by the wind
I’m still riding my bike
Through the cycles of life.


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Snowing Summertime

Snowing Summertime, depression, joys of poems, poetry, photography
Snowing Summertime – – https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com

Into each life some snow must fall
coldness in one’s soul.

The blizzard
that blow you away

when you see the black snow
that is very rare.

The white snowflakes
that surround

the sunflowers
that were drowned.

Flying butterflies
on wintertime

confuses you
why they’re in town.

You look around
and was astound

summer flowers
are all abound.

You look again
in the window pane

you see the snow
and feel the pain.

Tricks of the mind
or you’re too blind

that flowers bloom
come summertime.

You received a call
and say hello

invited by a friend
this summer weekend.

Surprised to hear
and shocked to know

that winter’s gone
you barely know.

You realized
it’s summer now

but can’t resist
the buts and hows.

For all the things
you question why

it’s snowing
in summertime.

poem about depression, bipolar disorder, alzheimers, amnesia,joys of joel poems
Snowing Summertime – https://joysofjoel.wordpress.com/

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