The Painting and The Mirror by Joel F

The Painting and The Mirror , joys of joel quotes, quote about paintings and mirrors,
The Painting and The Mirror –


Feelings are like mirrors. It trick us with our reflections.  Emotions are like paintings, it is subject to one’s interpretation.

For the eye is not open when it is limited to the lightings in the mirror. And the wisdom to understand the paintings through the colors of one’s emotions is always on a standstill until someone told you it isn’t so.

But  how can they refute the visible stroke of the brush that you see when you see someone’s masterpiece as not your own but a part of what you long for?

As the mirror spreads the light and the painting shows its colors, you gasped in awe how your face changes sometimes. Some days you see a youthful face, some days you see wrinkles. Never the same, but always changing.

Just as what Pablo Picasso once said: “Who sees the human face correctly, the photographer, the mirror or the painter?”

I know i’ll never know the answer. And i intend to keep it that way.


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The Falling Teacup

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Bruise that persists
you hold the cup in your fist
spitting the poison
in disguise as a kiss.

Forsaken emotions
like a potent potion
escaping delusions
atrocious devotion.

The falling of the teacup
as the sound of a hiccup
alarms like a warm up
to the ultimate wrap up.

Killing with a bullet
the pills on her goblet
unsure if it’s coming
burying the hatchet.

Pleading and begging
keep on beating
pulling the trigger
while he is screaming.

The demons that you unleashed
acting like a beast
no trace beneath
that you were a priest.

Asking forgiveness
they will never witness
vicious and fearless
the unforgiving mistress.


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Bottled Up

bottled up, A poem about speaking one;s mind, joys of joel poems, courage to say no
Bottled Up –

When you are in a glass case of emotions
and everything is bottled up,
why wait for someone to unscrew the cap?
Let it all out and speak up.


Never take someone’s feelings for granted
you just don’t know how much courage
it took them to show it.

Never run away from your feelings
because someday
you will still face it

Time is not an enemy
but it is neither a friend
if you keep running.

Roll the bottle
shake it up
break it if you have to.

The shattered pieces may hurt you.
The broken splinters may scar you
but then who am i to teach you?

I’m just as coward as you.


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The Anime Trumpet

the  anime trumpet, joys of joel poetry, anime, trumpet, poems

The sound it produce no matter how loud may end up like a whisper in an anime crowd.  They say that when  flags are unfurled, all the reason is in the trumpet. It’s like blowing your horn amidst all the thorns.

The anime that you see blown by your fantasy,  the colors that bleed when you roll that bomb ass weed.

But a symphony orchestra is never complete if only the piano plays the music. The brass and the strings need to be heard, as willfully as that percussion that is screaming to sing.  So when you blow your own horn and start trumpeting your voice, always remember that temper is like a weather.



Copyright © 2014 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.