Life is A Beautiful Ride

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Life is A Beautiful Ride –

It  only takes a few seconds to inspire people with a beautiful photo. I should know, the moment i saw my friend Kevin’s bike photo on his facebook, I instantly asked him if i can use it.

I did a little tweaking , add my quote and voila, now i have something to post.

Thanks to Kevin  it saved my day and let me reminisce my bike moments not too long ago. I’ve got lots of fond memories biking around.

Truly,  life is a beautiful ride.

*** Do you still remember your favorite bike memories?  I Do.  
Let me Share You Mine.

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Finger Puppets

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Finger Puppets –

When you can’t verbalize your emotions,
just do it with your fingers.
– Joel F.

Finger lickin’ good and it’s not even a food. Peruvian arts and crafts that would make your fingers look good.

The Finger Puppets in assorted colors and designs at such a reasonable price caught my attention. I bought more than a dozen and all gone for my friends. Such a great souvenir for people with kids.

These Finger Puppets are great in helping kids build their social skills. Also a great tool in expressing emotions. I’m not a kid but sometimes i’m so childish i need this thing.

When i can’t express my emotions, how i wish i got these finger puppets so i can just speak and speak and play like a kid. And if i fumble, everyone easily forgives because i’m just a kid.

How i miss those childhood days when playing with my fingers is always okay. 😉


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Five Crazy Reasons To Go Fishing

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Five Crazy Reasons To Go Fishing –

Fishing is a great time buster , a way to enjoy nature and a great stress reliever. I can actually cite a hundred reasons to do it but i respect your time so i come up with just 5 good ones:

1.  Relationship =  fishing with family and friends cultivate bonding. It strengthens your relationship when you have enjoyable shared activities with people who mattered. Well, unless of course you start fishing into their private life behind their back, that’s a different story. Proves that you don’t really need to go outdoors to go fishing. Just go online, log in to your facebook and you can tweet who’s got the largest fish in the group. hehe.

2. Health Reasons = it’s always better to get your own fish…fresh, as wild fish are known to be low in fat and cholesterol and high in protein and there are many fishes in the ocean, especially the wild ones! 🙂

3. Fulfillment = you get a certain fulfillment.  Who wouldn’t?  after a long bout of sitting and  doing nothing, it’s such a great joy catching a big fish.

4. Creativity  =  it brings out the best in you. You find creative ways of using  a great pawn to bait the one you’ve been longing for.

5. Knowledge=  Fishing is educational. It teaches you a lot of lessons. You learned more about yourself, your strengths, hopes and wishes. It tests your patience and willpower that no matter what, by hook or by crook you won’t go home empty handed.

Fishing is like life,  just when you thought you had the perfect expensive equipment to catch that elusive fish, somewhere along the way you’ll discover that it’s not how much you have or how prepared you are for that moment that gives you the exact advantage.

And at the start of that fishing expedition you won’t really settle for anything less than that “huge catch”  because you rightfully deserve something bigger , not until you realized that it’s almost dusk, you’d rather have one crappy fish than nothing at all.  🙂      –by Joel F


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