The Ghost Tour and My Goodlooking Ghost

I was strolling in quebec city when i noticed a busload of kids. A bystander told me the kids are in for the Ghost Tour.

A ghost tour in broad daylight? Well, why not? Minors should not be loitering in a foreign city searching for ghosts past midnight. The most they can do is listen to ghost stories in broad daylight.

So i followed the marathon, took pictures and listen for a while. I did enjoy some haunted stories. I realized that places are the same anywhere we go. Every city has its ghost stories and every place has its haunted past.

Good thing the past stop haunting me, i learned to let bygones be bygones and move on.  Otherwise, i should be the one standing on that tour narrating my real life ghost story……..the one that broke my heart, the goodlooking ghost that made me cry and gave me my worst scary moments.  Those moments when i used to think that being alone is a nightmare.

What happened to the Ghost Tour, well, i have no idea. I left amused and amazed. Don’t ask me why. Can’t you read between the lines? 🙂


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joys of joel musings, ghost story, the ghost tour, quebec citys tour
The Ghost Tour and My Goodlooking Ghost-

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The World’s Tallest Chocolate Fountain

I love Chocolates! My comfort food, my main course and my ultimate dessert! Chocolates in all form: candies, ice creams, cakes, muffins , name it. For a time i even have a great crush on my grade school buddy who have such a yummy chocolate skin tone. I even go gaga on a chocolate flavored pasta (Yes honey, there is one,  and  if  you haven’t  tasted one, it’s time to create one).

So here i am happy and salivating when i saw this chocolate fountain in Bellagio.  Considered to be the world’s tallest and largest volume chocolate fountain (at that time), this fountain consisting of 6 pumps circulating close to 2 tons of white, medium and dark confectionary grade chocolate over 500 feet of stainless steel piping enclosed in a glass for all the world to see (and taste of course!). I had a feast, too bad i just can’t take home all of it. Anyway, got to go, my M&M  date is waiting. 🙂


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Aloha –


“Hawaii is paradise. It sounds cheesy to say it, but there’s music in the air there.”. –Bruno Mars.

Yes, there’s music, a melody  that springs from your heart and a rhythm that  springs from your hope.  Hawaii is such a beautiful place, some say it’s a paradise, others say it is heaven.

No matter how you call it, one thing is sure, you can’t get enough of it especially when you’re about to leave. It’s a mini California: countless beaches . only bigger waves for surfers. endless branded boutiqes  and countless hollywood celebrities.

Should I say a  a mini vegas too?  So many hotels,  exotic and world class shows.   A mini jamaica because reggae is everywhere. So many Japanese, Asians, Europeans;   domestic and international tourists.

History, Culture, Shopping, Nature, for such a small state, there’s so much things to do and so many places to see. You walk , bike, drive, swim, surf or dive, Or just simply do nothing, lay on the beach and watch the sunset and the changing colors of the sky.

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Aloha –
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Hawaiian Funeral –
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Hawaiian Wedding –

I’d love to post all my pictures here,  Hawaii is such a paradise i believe it needs a whole website for it.

I remember walking by the beach  and  witnessing a beach wedding and a funeral simultaneously happening, reminding me of life  itself  where falling in love is like experiencing the joys of wedding and break ups giving you the feel of  attending your own funeral.  Life is a bitch really. Ooops, I mean Beach.  🙂

” No matter how many beautiful pictures you see, it doesn’t come close to being there in person. You don’t see Hawaii, you experience it. ” – T. Owens

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The Mummy Returns

Ever heard of the famous terracotta warriors ?  Well, if you watched the hollywood movie  “The Mummy” , “The Mummy Returns”  , this exhibit is a big deal for you …. lifesize or shall i say larger than life terracotta statues were on full display … a once in a lifetime exhibit at Asian Civilisations Museum.  I was so lucky i was in Singapore when the exhibit was on full blast,  whew!  talk about coincidences. hehehe.

Although i’ve been in Singapore several times, it’s  actually on my 4th visit that i tried visiting Asian Civilisations Musuem and i enjoyed it.

Their tagline  “Discovering Asia Through Ourselves and Others”  live up to its name.… One can see ancient gold jewelries, dioramas,  statues from thailand,  india and tibet,  knife blades from malaysia  , other asian countries’ artifacts …. all things related to history and culture of asian civilizations.  goldjewelries

Authentic Antique Gold Jewelries – used by the sultans of ancient asians

I  love the part showing a japanese woman carrying her red bag…… reminds me of  carrie bradshaw with her manolo blahnik shoes, only this time it is not the shoes but the bag.  Who says they don’t have Hermes or LVs  way back?  I call this photo  “The Ancient Divas.” 

fashion divas

Although i alloted only an hour to visit this musuem because my next stop would be  Singapore’s Philatelic Musuem  (a haven for philatelists/stamp collectors) and the National Musuem of Singapore (although i visited this twice, i still want to drop by) ,  i actually ended up 3 hours on this place.  So many interesting things to see, my time management adherence was totally ruined. miniwarriors

Mini warriors or i call them “The  Boy Scouts of  the Past”.  🙂


singapore name



Ever wondered how Singapore was named?  Good thing i drop by in this musuem or else i’ll never know.

So many things to show here but cliche as it may sound , you can’t have everything in just one heaping…… 🙂    Book that flight and go anywhere you like.  Enjoy and Take Care on your journey.



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