Bottled Up

bottled up, A poem about speaking one;s mind, joys of joel poems, courage to say no
Bottled Up –

When you are in a glass case of emotions
and everything is bottled up,
why wait for someone to unscrew the cap?
Let it all out and speak up.


Never take someone’s feelings for granted
you just don’t know how much courage
it took them to show it.

Never run away from your feelings
because someday
you will still face it

Time is not an enemy
but it is neither a friend
if you keep running.

Roll the bottle
shake it up
break it if you have to.

The shattered pieces may hurt you.
The broken splinters may scar you
but then who am i to teach you?

I’m just as coward as you.


Copyright © 2015 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.